Recovering from 9/11?
One of the consequences of September 11 terrorist attacks is a sudden slowdown in the tourist market. This is mostly evident in Las Vegas, since the tourism to this city strongly depends on air travel.
In the last months of last year, more than 13,000 workers of casinos along the Strip have lost their job.
However, already for the New Year's period Las Vegas discovers a sellout, with a visitor rate equal to that of the previous year. The following months will see clear signs of a recovery.

In September, Aladdin executives file for bankruptcy protection. Built in August 2000, after the 1998 implosion of the old Aladdin, from the very beginning the new resort has faced a series of financial problems.
In the past month, Aladdin has summed up $435 million of bank debts, and there are rumors that the property will be evenually sold out. Only the Desert Passage shopping mall seems to react positively to the crisis period.
A further fact makes the financial situation of some major casinos even more critical. Moody's Investor Service assigns a junk rating to some major Gaming Corporations, like MGM Mirage and Park Place Entertainment.

A sudden closing
The Vacation-Village, located at the south-end of the Las Vegas strip, suddenly closes on January 8, putting out all employees and customers.

New stars on stage
Singing magician Darren Romeo, for his debut at the Mirage, chooses Valentine's Day. He is supported by Siegfried and Roy, the two most famous magicians in Las Vegas.
Singer Gladys Knight signs a long-term contract with Flamingo Las Vegas.

No more cows on the Strip
The Holy Cow Casino, cafe and Brewery, is going to close. The Casino ends its activity in April, while the brewery will continue for a while. It had been opener in March 1992.
This casino, although small, was a landmark in the high Strip. Located at the corner of Sahara Av. and Las Vegas Blvd., it was easily recognizable for its 14-foot cow, wearing sunglasses.

The Euro
On January 1, the national currencies of twelve European countries are substituted by a single European currency, named ''Euro''. It represents the most significant monetary change since Roman Empire.
The consequences will be relevant. The immediate effect of a common currency is that of making easier all economic exchanges between European members. This will trigger a relevant leap toward a United Europe.
Old currencies will be accepted until February 28. After that date, the transition is will be complete. A negative aspect, however, will be an anomalous inflation in several countries.

Operation Anaconda
This is the name of a massive campaign in Afghanistan, led by the U.S. and their allied, against Al Qaeda and Taliban forces, hiding themselves in the in the Shahi-Kot Valley.
This operation is a complete success on the military ground. Started on March 1, it is concluded after in only 18 days.

Water on Mars
NASA's mission Mars Odyssey, launched on April 7, 2001, begins to map the Martian surface on February 19. On May 26, the instruments onboard discover huge deposits of ice water, hidden beneath the surface.
Water is extremely important. Its presence increases considerably the probability that Mars has hosted forms of life. On the other hand, it increases dramatically the chances of future manned expeditions, and even of long-term martian bases.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a very dangerous form of pneumonia, with a mortality rate of almost 10%. The first reported case of this new disease is in Guangdong province, China, this November.
Within a few months, it will spread to Hong and Vietnam. In order to avoid this disease to turn into a worldwide catastrophe, it is extremely important to quench it on its beginning.
However, it becomes soon evident that international travel may represent a primary factor for the spread of this virus. For this reason, exceptional sanitary tests will be activated in the airports.

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