Bis Changes on the Strip
On March 2, the megaresort Mandalay Bay opens, offering over 3,300 rooms. It has been built on the place of the former Hacienda.
This day signs also the birth of the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel, a resort of ''only'' 424 rooms, associated to Mandalay Bay.
In the next days, the Strip will experience also other major changes. The Venetian opens on May 3, on the place that was of the Sands; while September 1 is the turn of Paris Las Vegas.

Getting an Edge on Slots
Charles Lund, by observing his wife playing at slots, discovers a way to get an edge on some slot machines present at the Bellagio. He will win staedily, until he will be banned by the Casino management.

Waiting for Y2K Bug
This is a year of fear in the world of computer, and not only in that world. Experts have predicted that, at the turn of the year, some software may experience unexpected behavior, and even failure.
Worries are about possible failures of even sofisticated computer systems. The most apocalyptic forecasts include the possibility that nuclear missiles may be accidentally fired.
The origin of that bug is that, in systems using only two digits to indicate year, January 1, 2000, may be interpreted as earlier than any other date. Computer analysts are working hard to limit damages.

Celebrating a ''False'' Millennium
Although the new millennium will technically begin at the end of this year, billions of people could not wait, and have gathered to celebrate it at the beginning of year 2000. But for some the Millennium means harder work.
U.S. police and military forces are in alert against the risk of terrorist attacks. Special care is devoted to big cities, and especially to New York City, in which breathtaking celebrations are announced.
Many thousands of people are planning to convene in Time Square. The main worry in this case is about a terrorist attack with antrax.

The Tragedy of EgyptAir Flight 990
On October 31, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes, with 217 people onboard, half-hour after leaving New York's JFK airport. Soon after the accident, somebody will suggest that the flight has been taken down by a missile.
The analysis of the black boxes will reveal an unexpected and astonishing truth. Gamil al-Batouti, the relief pilot, left alone in the cockpit, turns off the autopilot while repeating the prayer "Tawakilt ala allah" ("I put my trust in God").
The pilot rushes back to the cockpit, and a fight begins, with one trying to raise the plane, and the other to make it fall down. The Boeing 767 will finally stall, breaking up at 10,000 feet, and then will fall into the ocean.

Yeltsin gives up
Russian president Boris Yeltsin suddendly resigns, at the beginning of this year. In a speech, he asks people to forgive him for his bad administration.
Members of Yeltsin's family are suspected to have connections with members of the Russian Mafia, and to have stolen money of the nation, among which billions of dollars given by the International Monetary Fund.
Eltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, very popular in Russia, acting president. With his first decree, Putin will grant Yeltsin and his family immunity from prosecution.

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