Welcome Bellagio!
Bellagio opens on October 15, with its 3,026 rooms. It is and extremely luxurious hotel: costing $1.7 billion, it sets the new record for the world most expensive hotel.
Bellagio is located on the Strip, in the place that originally was of the Dunes Hotel and Casino.
Another major opening, this year, is the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, for a total area of 1.9 million square feet.

Aladdin's Implosion
The Aladdin Hotel and Casino implodes on April 27, with a few-month delay with respect to original plans.
600 pounds of dynamite are used to destroy this 1,100-room hotel. The whole building crashes on itself in about 20 seconds. The best seats to watch the event cost from $250 on.
The old Aladdin opened in 1966.

The Enterprise Lands in Las Vegas
On January 4, the show ''Star Trek: The Experience'' opens at the Las Vegas Hilton.
With its flight simulators and detailed replicas of some scenes, it is a must to all Star Trek aficionados.

A New Megabuck Record
On November 15, a 66-year-old Las Vegas resident wins a record amount of money ($27.58 million) at the progressive Megabucks jackpot November 15 at the Palace Station Hotel Casino.

Death of The Voice
On May 14, Frank Sinatra dies of a heart attack at age 82.
Frank had linked a large part of his career to Las Vegas, starting from the Golden year of the ''Rat Pack''.

Celebrities Weddings
On November 15, basketball star Dennis Rodman, playing for the Chicago Bulls, marries actress Carmen Electra (real name Tara Patrick), famous for performing in the series ''Baywatch''.
The ceremony takes place at ''A Little Chapel of the Flowers''. Soon after, Rodman tried to have the marriage annulled, declaring that he was drunk at the ceremony. Their marriage will last six months.

U.S. Bombs Iraq
On December 16, President Clinton orders bombing against selected targets in Iraq. The action, dubbed Desert Fox, involves a large number of bombing missions, allstarting from the carrier USS Enterprise''.
Although only military targets are selected, some bombs will hit nonmilitary targets as well, with at least a few dozens of casualties among civilians.

President Clinton Under Impeachment
For the second time in the history on the United States, the House of Representatives votes to impeach the president.
The basic accusation against Bill Clinton is to have committed perjury, when he had denied his relationship with MOnica Lewinsky. Clinton is also accused to have used his power to obstruct justice.

This April Viagra is introduced as a cure against male impotence, and more specifically against what is called Erectile Dysfunction.
Originally introduced by Pfizer Company to treat angina, the main role of this pill was to increase blood flow.
However, right after the first experiments, it became apparent what would have been the main use of this pill.

John Glenn Back to Space
At age 77, 36 years after his 1962 epic flight, John Glenn dresses again an astronaut suit.
The scientific goal is now to study how an aged body reacts to a space journey. In addition, nobody can deny the major impact of this mission on the media.
John Glenn's flight onboard the ''Columbia'' will last seven days.

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