A New Fremont Street
After 60 years, the Helldorado Days Parade is held on Fremont Street for the last time.
Soon after, Fremont Street will be closed to cars, and its look will change dramatically, after the construction of the big canopy of Fremont Experience.

Good Bye, Frank!
On January 1, Frank Sinatra gives his last performance in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand.
This concert signs the end of an epoch, that had its golden times when Frank was the leader of the Rat Pack.

Good Bye, Donn!
On November 2, Don Arden, producer of shows famous for their beautiful singers and chorus dancers, dies in Los Angeles at the age of 78.
He has created spectacular acts for almost 50 years. His famous show ''Jubilee'' will survive to him.

Mandela Becomes President
With more tham 60 percent of all votes, Nelson Mandela, the black leader of the African National Congress, is elected President of South Africa. He is 75 years old, 27 of which spent in police-state jails.
These elections sign the transition of South Africa to democracy, and the end of racial abuses. Although both white supremacists and separatist blacks, a vast majority of people goes to the polling places.
Most of South African black people are living in very poor conditions, without electricity or running water; about 50% are illiterate. Mandela warns: ''Don't expect us to do miracles.''

Rwanda's Genocide
In between April and June, this year, 500,000 Rwandans are killed, most of which are Tutsi. This is the last act of the civil war, between Hutu and Tutsi, which shakes this country.
These two ethnic groups were originally living peacefully, but Belgian colonization, supporting Tutsi against Hutu, had generated strong divisions.
Another ethnical massacre, under the name of ''ethnic cleansing'', is taking place in Serbia (Balkans). Here 200,000 people, mostly civilians, are killed in the spring of this year.

A Connection between England and Europe
In May, Queen Elizabeth II and President Francois Mitterand inaugurate the Channel Tunnel. It links France and England, and allows trains to connect the two nations.

How Does Jupiter Swallow Comets
This July, a unique event has attracted astronomers. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, passing close to planet Jupiter, is disrupted into many pieces. Also comet's orbit changes considerably, ending again onto the surface of the giant planet.
For a few days, a ''cosmic train'' composed by 21 massive fragments plus smaller ones, is seen to travel towards Jupiter. The impacts of these fragments onto the planet atmosphere are visible from ground.

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