The Age of Titans
Or, we should say, of Pharaohs? On October 15, Luxor Hotel opens, with its 30-story, 350 feet tall, black-glass pyramid (75% of the original Great Pyramid). Elevators rising at a diagonal angle are used to reach the 2,526 rooms of this Mega-Hotel.
The pyramid is hollow, and hosts the world's largest atrium (29 million cubic feet). On the top of the pyramid, pointing upwards, is the world's brightest beam of light, with its 315,000-watt.
The world's largest resort will open soon after, on December 18. It is MGM Grand Hotel and Theme Park, with 5,005 rooms and a 171,500-square-foot casino.

Welcome Barbra!
The MGM Grand Garden Arena, the huge concert hall of MGM Grand, opens on December 31, with a memorable concert of Barbra Streisand, her first concert after more than 20 years. The Grand Garden Arena counts 16,325 seats.
In the following years, many rock and pop super-stars will perform in the Arena, like The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Sting, Elton John, and many others.
Also some of the most spectacular world heavyweight championship fights will take place here, among which Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson, and George Foreman vs. Michael Moorer.

The Pirates Conquer the Strip
On October 27, Treasure Island opens, with its 2,891 rooms. Created as an extension of the Mirage, it resembles a Caribbean pirate village.
Every hour, in front of the hotel, a battle is represented between a pirate ship and a British frigate, and always ends with the sinking of the British ship.
This free show will be for longtime one of the favorite among tourists.

Other Openings
Another opening this year is the Hollywood Hotel, East of the Strip, owned by the famous Hollywood actress Debbie Reynold. Originally named Paddlewheel, in 1999 this hotel will change again its name, in Convention Center Drive Hotel.
Circus Circus opens its Adventuredome, an indoor 5 acre amusement park. It will become a primary attraction for families.
Boardwalk Holiday Inn opens on the Strip, in the original location of Holiday Queen Hotel and Casino.

The Implosion of Dunes
Dunes Hotel has been sold to Mirage Inc., owned by Steve Wynn. In October 27, the Dunes Hotel implodes, together with its historical sign.
In its location an exclusive resort, the Bellagio, will be built.

Bugsy's Ghost Loses its Suite
Flamingo Hilton decides to raze the Presidential Suite, which has been for several years home of Benjamin ''Bugsy'' Siegel, the gangster famous for his elegance who raised the original Flamingo.
After his murder, in 1947, many guests of the Presidential Suite have seen his ghost, in one of the pistachio green bathrooms that Bugsy had designed personally, or near the pool table.
Only a small plaque will remain, to sign the location of the Presidential Suite, and to commemorate Bugsy Siegel and his suite.

Is Peace Possible Between Israel and PLO?
After a long diplomatic work by U.S. president Bill Clinton, Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO president Yasir Arafat accept convening to Washington, and signing a preliminary peace treaty between the two nations.
The signing ceremony takes place on September 13, at the White House. Probably the symbolically most significant moment is when the leaders of two peoples, which have been at war for almost 50 years, shake their hands.
Peace in Middle East has never been so close since the 1978 Camp David Accords. The agreement is that Palestinians will administer the occupied territories for the next 5 years, while discussing further peace negotiations.

A Difficult Year for Yeltsin
Russian president Boris Yeltsin, and his economic reforms, face a violent opposition from those Communists still present in the Parliament, like Chairman Ruslan Khasbulatov and vice president Aleksandr Rutskoi.
Yeltsin then decides to dissolve the Russian Parliament and to call for new elections. Khasbulatov, Rutskoi, and hundreds of colleagues react barricading themselves inside the Parliament building.
The rebels call for a general strike, but most of Russians stay with Yeltsin. After a few days of negotiations, Yeltsin orders the Army to bomb the Parliament and to stop the uprising. About 500 people will die.

Czechoslovakia's Split
Czechoslovakia separates into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The two nations, although economically and linguistically different, had been politically merged in 1918, after the fall of Austro-Hungarian Empire.
For all this time, the Czech majority has been dominating, while the rural Slovak minority was demanding autonomy. However, only after the ''Velvet Revolution'', in 1989, the time was ready for diplomatic negotiations.
Vaclav Havel resigns from president because, he says, he does want to sign the split of his nation. The first Slovak President will be Vladimir Meciar, while Havel is elected first president of the new Czech Republic.

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