Brand New and Renovated Casinos
On January 1, the Casino Royale opens on the Strip, with its 152 rooms and over 500 slot machines. Also the Holy Cow Casino Cafe & Brewery is inaugurated this year.
In April, on the Strip, Holiday Casino reopens with the new name of ''Harrah's Las Vegas''.
Downtown, the Union Plaza, called in this way because in the original location of the Union Pacific Railroad station, changes its name into ''Jackie Gaughan's Plaza''.

Gold Times for the Silver Bowl
The Sam Boyd Silver Bowl hosts the first Las Vegas Bowl.
This year, the Silver Bowl hosts memorable concerts of rock stars, like the U2 and Grateful Dead.

Genocide in Bosnia
Instigated by his dream of a ''Greater Serbia'', Slobodan Milosevic, president of the Yugoslav republic of Serbia, begins a military campaign to annex territories of the republic of Bosnia.
Bosnia was a mixture of ethnic and religious groups, and Milosevic orders an ''ethnic cleansing'' for the non-Serbian groups. Entire Muslim villages will be massacred.
Those who are not killed will be victims of rape and torture, or will be left to die of starvation in concentration camps. By the end of this year, tens of thousands of civilian will die.

Bill Clinton to the White House
In his presidential campaign, the Democrat Bill Clinton challenges one of the basic axioms of Reagan and Bush politics, the ''no new taxes'' philosophy.
He proposes instead a ''tax-and-spend'' approach, in order to avoid the risk of recession and to stimulate the economic growth of the nation.
In November, he will win the presidential elections with 43%, against 38% for Bush and 19% for the outsider Ross Perot, a billionaire from Texas.

An Annus Horribilis
This is the way UK Queen Elizabeth II will define this year. It was the 40th anniversary of her ascension to the throne, but it will be remembered for various negative events.
It signs the end of three royal couples: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson separate in March; in April, Princess Anne and his husband; while in December it is the turn of Prince Charles and Diana.
These separations are accompanied by a series of revelations and scandals. In addition, the Windsor Castle is destroyed this year by a fire, and the Queen loses her tax-exempt status.

The Nobel Peace Price to Rigoberta Menchu
In coincidence with the 500th anniversary of the Columbus's first voyage to the New World, this year the Peace Price is awarded to Guatemalan human rights activist Rigoberta Menchu.
She has worked for years to publicize the oppression of the indigenous populations in America. Only in Guatemala, about 200,000 Indian campesinos have been killed for their rebellion.
Manchu herself has lost five family members: both parents (her mother after having been raped and tortured to death), and three brothers (one flayed and burned alive by the security forces).

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