Rise and Fall of Las Vegas Resorts
Along the Strip, the construction starts of these new big resorts: Luxor, MGM Grand Hotel and Theme Park, and Treasure Island.
The Landmark Hotel and Casino, opened in 1969, closes. It will be destroyed in 1995.

Celebrity Marriages
On October 27, singers Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie get married at Graceland Wedding Chapel. They are members of the trio Thompson Twins (but they are not really twins).
On December 12, actor Richard Gere marries model Cindy Crawford at the Little Church of the West, exchanging aluminum foil rings. They will divorce in 1995.

Baltic Republics Get Their Independence
In January, Lithuania declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is forced to stop the process he had planned, toward a more liberal regime, and orders the Red Army to invade that country.
However, also Estonia and Latvia will join soon Lithuania in requesting their independence and, in September, the Soviet Union will concede it to all of them.

The End of Soviet Union
In August, a putsch is attempted against the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, in order to reestablish a Communist regime and to preserve the Soviet Union from breaking apart.
However, popular protests against the putsch will make it fail. In Moscow, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, leads the rebellion against the Soviet army and against Communism.
After having been jailed for 80 hours in his Crimean dacha, Gorbachev is free and returns to Moscow. But he will soon realize that Eltsin now has the true power, and in December he will resign.

Desert Storm
After the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi troops, the United Nations had authorized a military action if Iraqi did not retreat within January 15. This will actually start right after the deadline.
On January 16, a coalition lead by U.S. commanders launches Operation Desert Storm, consisting in heavy bombing of a number of military targets and infrastructures, followed by a ground attack.
On February 27, Kuwait is liberated. About 200,000 Iraqis are dead, while 148 among the allied, when President Bush orders a ceasefire, which will spare Saddam Hussein's regime.

The End of Yugoslavia
With the fall of Communism, the six original countries of which Yugoslavia was made start to claim back their independence, while Serbia, the largest one, tries to dominate over the others.
Already in 1989, a rebellion in the Muslim republic of Kosovo had ended with an invasion of Serbian troops. Now, it is the turn of Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia to elect independent, non-Communist, governments.
In June, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic orders a military action against Slovenia and Croatia. Especially in Croatia, ''ethnic cleansing'' will kill 25,000 people this year.

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