A Fairy Tales Castle
On June 19, Excalibur hotel and casino opens. With its two 28-story towers and 4,032 rooms altogether, it is the world's largest resort hotel.
This castle-themed resort will attract not only the players, but also whole families.
Other important hotel and casinos opening this year are Rio Suites, Santa Fe, and Vacation Village.

Siegfried and Roy Debut at The Mirage
Illusionists Siegfried and Roy debut with their show at The Mirage. Steve Wynn, owner of The Mirage, has created for them a new 1,500-seat theater.

Basketball Champions!
The UNLV Runnin' Rebels are the new NCAA basketball champions. Thousands of people invade the streets of Downtown, to celebrate the event.

A Sounding Wedding
On April 28, Guns n' Roses rock singer Axl Rose (real name William Bailey), marries Erin Everly (daughter of Don Everly, of the Everly Brothers).
The ceremony takes place at the Cupid's Wedding Chapel. They will divorce after less than a year.

Germany Reunified
On October 3, East and West Germany are formally reunified. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, reunification was the obvious consequence of this process.
At this point, the actual reunification of the economies of the two Germanys will become the main challenge. West Germany will invest tens of billions of marks in this project.
Chancellor Helmut Kohl will manage successfully this transition. In July, he also succeeds to break the veto of Soviet Union against a Germany' membership in NATO.

Thatcher Leaves
In November, Margaret Thatcher resigns from prime minister. During the past eleven years, the ''Iron Lady'' has changed profoundly the United Kingdom.
She has always supported the ''free market'', pushing for a privatization of British industries. On the other hand, she has never paid too much attention to welfare reforms.
Her final act has been a ''community charge'' for services, to be paid both by rich and poor people. It will provoke a national uprise that will force her to resign.

Iraqi Invades Kuwait
After a few actions aimed at testing the world reactions to an invasion of Kuwait, in August Saddam Hussein decides to send 100,000 troops to this small emirate.
He finds almost no military resistance to the invasion. However, Western and Arab countries will then condemn the invasion and ask Iraqi to withdraw.
With the approval of Saudi Arabia, U.S. President George Bush launches the Operation Desert Shield. However, after a few months, it will change to offensive Desert Storm.

Hubble Space Telescope
NASA sends into orbit the 94-inch Space Telescope, named from the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. It is expected to be the greatest advance in astronomy after Galileo.
However, a major flaw in the telescope optics, which makes them constantly out of focus, will soon be discovered. This lowers the performances well below expectations.
The situation will not change much until December 1993, when a whole Shuttle mission will be devoted to repair and refurbish it.

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