The Old Mirage Changes Name
The original motel Mirage, located in the southern Strip, is dated 1952.
When the casino developer Steve Wynn decides to build a new, magnificent hotel and casino and to give it the same name, he has to buy the name of this older property.
The motel will then change its name into Glass Pool Inn.

A Far East Vacation for Siegfried and Roy
Magicians Siegfried and Roy have been constantly performing in Las Vegas for 7 years, at the Frontier.
While the new Mirage hotel and casino is under construction, they have already signed with Steve Wynn a $57.5 million contract for a permanent show in this new property.
Waiting for the Mirage to be completed, they spend 9 months presenting a very successful show in the Ginza District of Tokyo, seen by about 1.5 million people.

Binion's Horseshoe doubles its size
Del E. Webb Corp. sells the Mint Hotel to Binion's Horseshoe for $27 million.
This allows the Horseshoe to double the size of its casino, and to enlarge the hotel capacity by about 300 rooms, with the addition of the Mint's famous 24-story tower.

Casino openings and casino closures
Arizona Charlie's Decatur opens this April. The sister property Arizona Charlie’s Boulder will follow it, after 12 years.
Instead, the Silver Slipper, originally Golden Slipper Saloon and Gambling Hall, is demolished.

A Wedding of Famous Stars
On February 21, actor Dudley Moore marries makeup artist Lane Brogan. The ceremony takes place at the Little Church of the West.

The End of Iran-Iraq War
The war between Iran and Iraq ends in August, after eight years and more than a million deaths. The borders of the two states are similar to those before the war.
Under some respects, Iraq is the winner of this war. It has survived against a country with three times its population, and powered by religion fundamentalism.
The leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has succeeded establishing good relations with most Middle East countries, and even getting a support of the U.S. against Iran.

The First Woman Leader of an Islamic State
In November, Benazir Bhutto is elected prime minister of Pakistan. She comes after dictator Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, whose reign lasted 11 years and ended with his death in a plane crash.
In 1977, her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has been deposed by Zia, and then executed. Also for this reason Benazir has got the favour of most of Pakistanis.
Benazir Bhutto will be prime minister for only 20 months. She will fail to stop ethnic massacres, and a general corruption, and finally she will be deposed by by Ghulan Ishaq Khan.

Rushdie Sentenced to Death
Salman Rushdie, born in Bombay but living in London, publishes ''The Satanic Verses'', a novel in which he makes jokes about Muslim religion and Prophet Muhammad.
This book provokes violent reactions from Muslim militants all over the world. In England, bookshops selling it are burned. Other countries decide to ban the book.
In Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini will condemn Rushdie to death, and promise heaven to whom will kill him. Rushdie will spend the next year hiding, with the protection of Scotland Yard.

The tragedy of Lockerbie
On the evening of December 21, Pan Am flight 103 explodes on the skies of Lockerbie, Scotland. All 258 people on board the Boeing 747 will die, together with 11 people on the ground.
It will become soon clear that plastic explosives have caused the tragedy. However, finding who has organized the outrage will result very difficult.
West Germany suspects a faction of the PLO, led by Ahmed Jibril. Instead, the U.S. intelligence will accuse two Libyans, but Libya will refuse to give them.

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