Death of Liberace
On February 4, Wladziu Valentino Liberace dies of AIDS at the age of 67.
Especially during the last years, his life has been tightly linked to that of Las Vegas.

A Wedding of Stars
On November 21, Little Richard marries Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, at the Little White Wedding Chapel.
Their marriage will last 10 years, and they will have three daughters.

A Cloverleaf Sprouts Downtown
The Sundance Hotel and Casino changes its name into Fitzgerald's. A cloverleaf will appear, in the background of Fitzgerald's logo.

Black Monday
On Monday, October 19, the American stock market suffers a drop twice as large as that of the 1929 crash. The Dow Jones Industrial Average decreases by 22 percent.
This negative trend had been announced on the previous Friday, with losses of about 4 percent. Also other stock markets, like Tokyo and London, show similar drops.
A reason for this crack could be found in the American economy, inflated too much in the past years, and now suffering a general deficit.

The Maxi-Trial Against Mafia
In the past decades, Sicilian Mafia has become extremely powerful, mostly thanks to the traffic of drugs within Europe and to the United States.
In the past years, a number of carabinieri, journalists and reporters have been killed. And after the assassination of prefect Dalla Chiesa Italy reacts strongly.
The final act of this period is the ''maxi-trial'', which takes place in a bombproof courthouse, where hundreds of mafiosi will be prosecuted.

A Peace Plan for Central America
Oscar Arias Sanchez, president of Costa Rica, attempts to bring peace in Central America. An agreement will be finally signed by the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
The agreement includes an amnesty for political prisoners, and free elections in all signatory countries. Arias will win the Nobel Peace Price for this.

The Trial To the ''Butcher of Lyons''
Klaus Barbie, former chief of Gestapo in Lyon, is accused of having ordered the killing of about 6,000 Jews, as well of members of the Resistance.
After World War II, Barbie has settled in Bolivia under a fictitious name. He has been an adviser of some South-American dictators. and will also work for U.S. Army counterintelligence.
He has been finally discovered by the Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld. He will be prosecuted, and sentenced to life in prison.

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