The Las Vegas Redevelopment Plan
The City of Las Vegas enacts a ''redevelopment plan'' for the downtown area, with the creation of a special ''community redevelopment'' fund, using part of the tax money.
Most of that money will go to support the major downtown casinos, hindering instead of smaller businesses in the downtown area.

Opening of the Gold Coast
In December, the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino opens, one mile away from the Strip. This casino offers Spanish-style environment.

A Stars Wedding With a Sad Epilogue
On June 21, TV star Paula Yatesrock marries rock star Bob Geldof, singer of the Boomtown Rats. The ceremony takes place at the Little Church of the West.
They will have three children, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie. Paula Yatesrock will leave Geldof in 1995 for rock singer Michael Hutchence, who will commit suicide two years later.
Paula will enter the tunnel of depression and drug addition until, in year 2000, she will end her life, probably for a drug overdose.

The Olympic Wrestling Trials
The Las Vegas Sports Committee organizes, for the first time in Las Vegas, the Olympic wrestling trials qualifying tournament.

The Chernobyl Disaster
On April 26, Reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, in Ukraine, suffers an unprecedented event: a nuclear meltdown. The plant will burn for two weeks.
Obsolescence of this plant and human errors are the causes of this catastrophe. Thirty-one people die immediately, but in the next years a few thousands deaths will follow.
In spite of Gorbachev's ''glasnost'', Soviet government will keep the fact secret, until monitors in Scandinavian countries will detect abnormal levels of radioactivity.

The Explosion of Challenger
On January 28, at Cape Canaveral, the space shuttle ''Challenger'' explodes 73 seconds after the liftoff. All seven crewmembers will die, in the impact with the ocean.
Among them, there was the first civilian to fly on a shuttle, New Hampshire schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, who won the ''Teacher in Space'' contest.
The origin of the tragedy has been a failure of gaskets, called O-rings, due to the low ambient temperature. The problem was known, and the disaster could have been avoided.

Rhine River Disaster
On November 1, after a fire at the Sandoz chemical plant near Basel, Switzerland, 30 tons of poisoning chemicals, mostly pesticides, are released into the Rhine River.
As the poison moves downstream, into France, Germany and the Netherlands, it kills completely the aquatic life in the river, tons of dead fish floating on its surface.
The effects of this event will last for tens of years. Fortunately, no people will die. Severe restrictions will be put to any further source of pollution.

Reykjavik Summit
In autumn, the leaders of the two superpowers, Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, meet at Reykjavik, Iceland, to discuss of nuclear weapons control.
Although both started by declaring that all nuclear weapons could be eliminated, they will not reach any result, and will accuse each other of the failure of this negotiation.
A reason of the failure is the U.S. ''Strategic Defense Initiative'', a plan for a space-based missile ''shield'' that Gorbachev wants to stop, but Reagan refuses.

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