Casinos Changing Owner
Five years after the the MGM Grand fire, Kirk Kerkorian sells this hotel-casino. However, he refuses to sell also its name, and it will be given a newer name: Bally's.
Downtown, the Boyd Group purchases the California hotel-casino. This resort opens, again this year, the first recreational vehicle (RV) park in Las Vegas.

A Record for ''Dino''
On June 11, Dean Martin plays to his millionth fan, in his show at Bally's.

The First National Finals Rodeo
This year, the National Finals Rodeo moves to Las Vegas and it will become a classical event for Las Vegas.
It takes place in December, in a campus near Thomas and Mack Center, and lasts two weeks.
The National Finals Rodeo gathers the best cowboys across the United States and Canada.

The Rise of Gorbachev
On March 11, few hours after the death of Konstantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev is elected new general secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party.
At 54, he is the youngest leader of Soviet Union after Stalin. His program contains a profound reform of the political and social life in Soviet Union.
Landmarks of his reform will be ''perestroika'' (=economic restructuring), introducing the free-market; and ''glasnost'' (= openness), making public the activity of the management.

A Hole in the Ozone Layer
A research led by British meteorologists finds that a hole has opened in the ozone layer, above Antarctica. A steady decrease of the ozone layer has undergone in the past few years.
The ozone layer stops most of the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Its destruction would be very dangerous: for instance, the direct UV radiation can damage cells and cause skin cancer.
The main responsible for the hole in the ozone layer is found to be the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), substances commonly used for refrigerating systems, sprays, etc.

Natural Calamities in Latin America
Two deadly events hit Latin America by the end of this year.
The first, in September, is an earthquake striking Mexico City twice, a day apart. Even skyscrapers expected to be quakeproof will fall apart. 7,000 people will die.
Two days after, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts and releases a flow of mud that hits the town of Armero, killing 22,000 people.

The Death of Rock Hudson
In spite of the many thousands people already killed by AIDS, in the United States this disease was still kept under silence, mostly because of its association with homosexual habits.
The silence is finally broken with the case of the actor Rod Hudson, whose disease is publicly revealed in July, and that will die next October.
American society will be shocked not only by his bad fate, but also by having discovered that a Hollywood star that was playing the role of a strong man, in real life was homosexual.

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