The Death of Jay Sarno
Jay Sarno dies of a heart attack. In Las Vegas, he has introduced the idea of theme resorts for families, creating the Caesars Palace and the Circus Circus.
Unfortunately, he never saw realized his biggest dream, the ''Grandissimo Hotel and Casino'', a resort with 6,000 rooms.
Sarno was himself a high-stakes gambler, especially at craps.

Golden Nugget under Restyling
Steve Wynn, the owner of Golden Nugget, decides to remove the neon hat encircles the hotel.
Actually, this is part of a restyling intended to make of the Golden Nugget a luxury-class hotel and Casino.

Some Casinos Change Name
This year a few hotels and casino change their name. It is the case of the Bingo Palace, renamed Palace Station, and of the Paradise, renamed Treasury (the future San Remo).

The Assassination of Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi is the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and founder of modern India. Four times prime minister of India, she has earned the nickname of ''Mother India''.
However, on October 31, two of her bodyguards shoot her, as a revenge of the almost 500 Sikh separatists killed by he Indian army into the Golden Temple of Amritsar.
This will trigger retaliation against Sikhs, with several thousands of innocent people killed. Indira's son Rajiv will become prime minister and will work to stop all this violence.

A Deadly Cloud
On December 3, a leak in a chemical plant of the US-based Union Carbide Corporation generates cloud of toxic methyl isocyanate gas that hits the city of Bhopal, India.
About 4,000 people will die within the first few days, while 200,000 will get permanent damages to their lungs, kidneys, liver, and eyes.
It will become clear soon that the safety standards in that plant were too low, compared to what required for a plant in the United States.

The Hong Kong Question
After a 99-year lease of China to the United Kingdom, Chinese and British officials finally find an agreement for the transition of Hong Kong to China.
China promises to respect the autonomy of this territory, preserving some almost democratic laws, as well as the English language.
Investors are however very caution to invest in Hong Kong, in the absence of clear scenario for the long term.

The Discovery of the AIDS Virus
In April, a French team headed by Dr. Luc Montagnier, and an American team headed by Dr. Robert Gallo, discover independently the virus that causes AIDS.
It is dubbed HTLV-3 (for ''Human T-cell lymphotropic virus''). HTLV-3 is a ''retrovirus'', namely a RNA-based virus that uses the DNA of host cells in order to replicate.
A long fight between the French and American team will follow, to decide who came first.

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