The Last Las Vegas F-1 Grand Prix
The second, and last, Las Vegas Grand Prix takes its start on September 25. Michele Alboreto, on Tyrrell-Ford, wins under the rain.
After this race, the ''Federation Internationale de l'Automobile'' (FIA) will cancel the Las Vegas Grand Prix, because the level of this facility is judged too low to host a permanent F-1 race.

A Street Named After Wayne Newton
The main street of the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport area is renamed ''Wayne Newton Boulevard''.
This is just one of many awards assigned to Wayne Newton, the singer and entertainer, born in 1942, whose career is tightly linked to Las Vegas.

A Celebrities' Wedding
Singer and actor Robert Goulet marries Vera Chochorovska Novak, which is also his business manager. The ceremony takes place in the Little Church of the West.

The Falklands War
The politics of the military junta has led Argentine economy close to the collapse. To divert the public protest the new president, General Leopoldo Galtieri launches a war against Britain.
On April 2, Argentine invades the Falkland Islands, controlled by Britain. The British reaction is strong: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sends more than 100 warships.
Argentine surrenders on June 14, Galtieri resigns, and the new president Reynaldo Bignone promises elections. The war has cost 712 deaths in the Argentine Army, and 255 among the British troops.

The Massacre of Sabra and Shatila
Since Palestinian commandos are using southern Lebanon for their raids, Israeli Prime Minister orders the invasion of Lebanon.
A multinational peacekeeping force arrives, to ensure a safe evacuation of Palestinians. However, it will not prevent an infamous page to be written.
Lebanese Christian militiamen, supported by Israel, attack Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and kill 800 civilians, mostly women and children.

The Artificial Heart
On December 2, surgeon William De Vries implants the first permanent artificial heart in the chest of Barney Clark, 61, affected by a severe cardiomyopathy.
The Jarvik-7 artificial heart, designed by the bioengineer Robert Jarvik and made of polyurethane, has been previously tested only on sheep and calves.
After a difficult first week, Clark will even be able to walk, although always connected with tubes to heavy machinery, and to celebrate Christmas and his birthday. He will survive for 112 days.

New Pop Stars
Madonna Louise Ciccone, better known as ''Madonna'', begins her brilliant career with the single ''Everybody'', which will soon become a dance club hit.
The same year, Michael Jackson reaches worldwide success with his ''Thriller''. Containing seven Top Ten singles, this album will sell 30 million copies.
Both stars have been launched by MTV.

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