Happy Birthday, Las Vegas
Las Vegas celebrates its 75th birthday.
This year, Las Vegas counts 165,000 residents, while the population of the whole Clark County is 463,000.

MGM Grand on Fire
On November 21, a huge fire destroys MGM Grand. This is the bigger fire of a hotel-casino in American history. 84 people will die in the fire, and 679 will remain injured.
Many gamblers will be forced to evacuate, after they have refused to leave the game table. The MGM Grand will be rebuilt, and will take the name of Bally's.
After this tragedy, safety in hotel-casinos will become an issue, until in 1990 the ''Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act'' will be solve it, by requiring automatic sprinkler systems.

A Girl for Vegas Vic
In Fremont Street, Downtown, a neon cowgirl appears, not far from where the famous Vegas Vic is.
Designed by Ad-Art, she is named Sassy Sally (from the nightclub just below it). However, in the future she will become better known as the Vegas Vicki.
The cowgirl is designed to move her leg, but that animation will not work properly.

From Australia to Las Vegas
In October, the largest nugget of gold in the world (875 troy ounces) is discovered near Wedderburn (Victoria, Australia). It is named ''Hands of Faith''.
It will be permanently displayed in the Golden Nugget hotel-casino, Downtown Las Vegas.

The Imperial Palace
The Flamingo Capri hotel-casino is renewed, and changes its name into that of Imperial Palace.

Reagan for President
In November, Republican governor of California Ronald Reagan, a former movie actor, defeats Jimmy Carter to become the 40th President of the United States.
Reagan's receipt is to support the private enterprise by cutting taxes, but also to cut social funds. This will cause a financial boom, but also worse conditions for the poor people.
Reagan, together with Margaret Thatcher in UK, Helmut Kohl in Germany, Jacques Chirac in France, Brian Mulroney in Canada, is a symbol of the conservatism that will take place in the 80s.

The Birth of ''Solidarnosc''
In July, Polish workers react with illegal strikes to the government decision to raise the meat prices. One of the popular leaders is Lech Walesa, an electrician fired from his work.
On August 14, Walesa is elected head of the strike committee of the Lenin shipyard, in Gdansk, and three days later the government is forced to accept the committee's requests.
However, for solidarity (''Solidarnosc'' in Polish) with other factories, the strike goes over. Finally, the regime concessions will include the right to strike and a looser censorship.

Repression in El Salvador
The military regime of El Salvador decides a repression of popular protests. The most famous victim of the death squads will be Archbishop Oscar Romero, assassinated while celebrating mass.
Reformist Jose Napoleon Duarte, who has won the presidential elections in 1972 and has then been obliged to exile, returns to El Salvador. However, he will not gain control of the military regime.
In order to cut any popular support to the rebels of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), the junta terrorizes the population with killing about 1,000 civilians per month.

A Close Look at Saturn
In November, Voyager 1 planetary probe reaches Saturn and sends to Earth many wonderful images of this planet and of its satellites, before continuing its journey to the edge of the Solar System.
The most astonishing revelation is probably that the famous ''rings'' are made of thousands of individual ''ringlets''.
This probe has been launched by NASA in 1977, together with Voyager 2, that will come close to Saturn next year.

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