A Bunch of New Casinos in Las Vegas
New casinos appear all over. Barbary Coast (March 2, 150 rooms) and Imperial Palace (November 1, 650 rooms) open on the Strip. Sundance (638 rooms, later renamed Fitzgerald's) opens Downtown.
Unusual sites are chosen for some casinos. Boyd Gaming's Sam's Town opens on Boulder Highway, aiming at becoming a casino also for ''locals''.
Bob Stupak takes the highest risk, building his casino, Vegas World (later renamed Stratosphere), in an area between the Strip and Downtown, and even opening it on July 13, a ''Friday the 13th!''

McCarran Aims at the Future
The number of passengers through McCarran International Airport has more than doubled from 4 million in 1970 to 10.5 million in 1979.
Within the ''McCarran 2000'' project, a new international arrivals building opens, fit to carry a higher traffic of passengers.

The Liberace Museum
On April 15, Liberace opens The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. The income of the Museum will be used for the ''Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts''.
The Foundation is a Non-profit Organization established by Liberace in 1976, with the primary aim of providing scholarships for art institutions.
The Museum displays the most gorgeous dresses and jewelry owned by Liberace and used in his shows, as well as his historical pianos and his car collection.

The Iran of Khomeini
An uprising coordinated by Muslim fundamentalist leaders forces the Shah, Reza Pahlevi, to leave Iran in January. The main accuse to the Shah is to have attempted a Westernization of the country.
Soon after, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini, exiled in France for about 15 years, returns in Iran to lead the new government. In April, he declares Iran an Islamic republic.
The new regime imposes a rigid interpretation of the Islamic law. Women are forced to wear head covering; blasphemy is punished with death; non-religious music is banned.

The Invasion of Afghanistan
In the past year, Marxist regimes in Afghanistan have faced a fierce opposition of fundamentalist Muslims. Soviet Union decides to intervene, and install Babrak Karmal as president.
The first Soviet troops enter Afghanistan on December 26, followed by many others. Eventually U.S.S.R. will deploy about 100,000 soldiers in this country.
The Soviet Army, although overwhelming, will have to fight hardly against the resistance of bands of guerrillas, the Mujahidin. The mountainous territory in fact favors guerrilla-like actions.

The Iron Lady
In May, Conservatives win elections in the United Kingdom, and Margaret Thatcher becomes prime minister. She is the first woman to the highest political position, in a European country.
Daughter of a shopkeeper, Margaret Thatcher will be dubbed the ''Iron Lady'', for her strong will and her way of dealing with the trade unions.
In order to increase the productivity of her country, she decides cuts to the welfare state that will entail a higher unemployment level. This will produce discontent, mainly in the lower-level classes.

Three Mile Island
In March, the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, in Pennsylvania, suffers a emergency to its Unit 2 reactor, that only by chance does not turn into tragedy.
A valve stops the circulation of cooling water, causing an overheating of the radioactive core with risks of meltdown, and of the explosion of hydrogen gas in the reactor.
Thousands of residents are promptly evacuated. This incident will lead many governments to conclude that the choice of nuclear power is too risky.

A Nobel for Mother Teresa
The Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, in Albania, decides to join the Sisters of Loretto in 1927, at age 17, and to become a missionary in Calcutta, India.
After having spent years teaching to the daughters of upper class, in 1950, she founded the order of the Missionaries of Charity, dedicated to help the poorest classes in India.
She established health clinics, leprosariums, children's homes for the poorest. For her activity, she will receive this year the Nobel Peace Price.

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