The Superstars of Magic
Magicians Siegfried and Roy accept to leave MGM, and sign with Stardust for a 33-minute closing act, intended to revive the show ''Lido de Paris.''
This show is the highest-paid in the history of Las Vegas.

The Death of Robert Griffith
Robert ''Bob'' Griffith dies on March 23, at the age of 79. He was a civil engineer.
At the age of six, he arrived in Las Vegas with his father, E.W. Griffith, on May 14, 1905, right before the historical land-auction sale. On January 1, 1925, Bob became postmaster.
Thanks to him, Las Vegas has its own airfield, Rockwell Field, becoming an important stop on the airmail route between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

A Record in Weddings
Actor Mickey Rooney marries Jan Chamberlin. This is his eighth wedding, all of which have been celebrated in the Little Chapel of the West.
After his first wedding (1942, with Ava Gardner), he married Betty Jane Rase, Martha Vickers, Elaine Mahnken, Barbara Ann Thompson, Marge Lane, Carolyn Hockett and, finally, Jan Chamberlin.

The Defeat of Muhammad Ali
On February 15, the Leon Spinks defeats ''the Greatest'' (Muhammad Ali), and obtains the heavyweight WBA title. The fight takes place at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Muhammad Ali will regain the title from Spinks seven months later, on September 15.

The TV-Series ''Vega$''
The successful TV-Series ''Vega$'' starts this year. The main character is private investigator Dan Tanna (Robert Urich), which solves his cases in the environment of the streets of Las Vegas.
Before the TV-Series starts, Robert Urich had first appeared, as Dan Tanna, in an episode of ''Charlie's Angels'', entitled ''Angels in Vegas''.

The Camp David Accords
U.S. President Jimmy Carter invites Menachem Begin and Anwar al-Sadat, leaders respectively of Israel and Egypt, to spend a period together discussing how to reach peace in Middle East.
They meet from September 5 to September 17 in Camp David, the presidential retreat. The informal environment, together with Carter's diplomacy, stimulates effective discussions.
Sadat and Begin will out the basis for a peace pact between Israel and Egypt, as well as plans for settling the Middle East situation. For all this, they will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Moro Kidnapping
On March 16, a commando of the Red Brigades' terrorist group kidnaps in Rome Aldo Moro, leader of Italy's Christian Democratic Party, after killing his five bodyguards.
Red Brigades demand the release of 13 ''political prisoners''. Moro himself writes letters to colleagues and relatives for their release, also accusing the political class of indifference.
For 54 days the police unsuccessfully tries to find Moro's prison. Eventually, Red Brigades kill Moro, and leave his body in a car, close to the headquarters of the Christian democratic Party.

Discovery of the Cambodian Genocide
In December, when the Vietnamese army invades Cambodia, can finally collect evidences of the genocide, from testimonies of eyewitnesses to mass grave with thousands of bodies.
In the past few years, the Communist troops Khmer Rouge had killed hundreds of thousands of Cambodians, from ethnic minorities to sick people, in addition to political enemies.

The Year with Three Popes
Pope Paul VI dies on August 6, at the age of 80, after 15 years of his Pontificate. On August 26, cardinal Luciani is elected his successor, but he will die after only 33 days.
The official cause of his death is heart attack, but somebody will put forward the hypothesis that he has been poisoned, because he was opposing to some Masonic powers within the Church.
On October 16, Karol Wojtyla is elected new pope. Coming from Poland, he is the first non-Italian pontiff after almost 500 years. With his 58 years, he is the youngest pope since 1846.

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