The Death of ''The King''
On August 16, at age 42, Elvis Aaron Presley, known as the ''King of Rock'n'Roll,'' dies after a heart attack [see also ''While in the World'' section].
His former wife, Priscilla, and his father, Vernon, will dedicate to him a bronze statue at the International Hotel (where in 1969 Elvis lived in the 30th floor Imperial Suite).
After Memphis, Las Vegas is Elvis' homeland. He will become a legend of Las Vegas, and an uncountable number of Elvis impersonators will perform in Las Vegas after his death.

The Death of Harold Minsky
Burlesque producer Harold Minsky had his first big success in Las Vegas in 1957, with the production show ''Follies'' that will be performed for six years at the Dunes.
His further successes have been in the Silver Slipper, the Thunderbird, and the Aladdin. Minsky married one of his showgirls, Pat Elliott, which then helped him in his work.
Minsky made Las Vegas his home, until his death this year.

A New Record for the Gaming Business
For the first time this year, Clark County's gaming revenues surpass $1 billion.

David Cassidy's Marriage
Actor David Cassidy, idol of teenagers in the seventies, marries actress Kay Lenz in the Little Church of the West.
Cassidy became famous at the age 20, for his character ''Keith Partridge'' in the television serial ''The Partridge Family''.

Main Street Station Opens
Main Street Station hotel and casino opens Downtown.

Peace in Middle East Gets Closer
In November, Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat visits Jerusalem and shakes his hand with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, leader of the Likud party.
Sadat speaks also to Israel's parliament, proclaiming that his nation accepts to leave in peace with Israel. However, the issue of Jerusalem remains unsolved.
This opening between the two premiers will find a vast consensus among pacifists, but also a strong opposition of hard-line Arab countries, like Libya.

The Neutron Bomb
The U.S. Congress approves financing the development of the neutron bomb, a thermonuclear weapon designed to kill humans while producing minor damages to buildings and infrastructures.
In the N-bomb, a large fraction of energy goes in neutrons and gamma rays, with a deadly effect on cells but with a short time radioactivity. The bomb is designed as a tactic weapon.
The idea to adopt this bomb in Europe, against an attack of the Warsaw Pact, will spread horror among most Europeans. Finally, President Carter will decide to postpone its deployment.

The Death of ''The King''
On August 16, at age 42, Elvis Presley dies after a heart attack. After his golden epoch, in the last few years he had suffered a psychological as well as physical decline.
Obsessed by his insecurity, he was living recluse in ''Graceland'', his Memphis mansion, together with a few intimate friends, and abusing of stimulants and sleeping pills.
Moreover, he was eating large quantities of junk food, which made him gain weight considerably compared to his youth years.

The Concorde
In October, the 100-passenger Concorde, the world's first supersonic transport airplane, begins connecting New York and Europe. It is twice as fast as ordinary planes.
It is a joint project of British Aircraft Corporation and France's Aerospatiale. It has suffered a series of drawbacks, both technical and political.
The project has suffered an 8-year delay, and a quadruplication of costs. And, due to noise levels, only after about 2 years Concordes have been allowed to take off from JFK airport.

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