Death of Howard Hughes
Multimillionaire Howard Hughes dies aboard a plane to Houston. The official cause of death is kidney failure, but he is found with clear signs of malnutrition and dehydration.
In addition, pieces of hypodermic needles are found in his arms. He was drug addicted, having been treated with morphine in 1946, when he was close to death after a plane crash.
He has lived his last years in a sort of paranoia and only a few people were allowed to see him. Doubt will be cast that his death is due to their ''deliberate negligence''.

New and Renovated Casinos
Bingo Palace is opened this year. In 1984, it will be renamed Palace Station.
The Thunderbird hotel-casino changes its name into Silverbird. In 1981 it will become El Rancho.

Martin and Lewis again together onstage
On September 7, during Jerry Lewis's show for the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon, Frank Sinatra brings Dean Martin as a surprise guest.
After 20 years of hostilities, thanks to this stratagem Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are again reunited to revive the golden ages of the Rat Pack.

Death of Mao Zedong
On September 9, the Chinese leader Mao Zedong dies, at the age of 82. A million people go to Beijing to see for the last time the corpse of their leader, put in a crystal sarcophagus.
Right after Mao's death, Hua Guofeng becomes president of the Communist Party, but finds the opposition of Jiang Qing, Mao's widow, leading What will become known as the Gang of Four.
In October, Hua orders the arrest of Jian and her allies, and opens the way to Deng Xiaoping's politics, seen as ''capitalistic'' by his extreme left opponents.

Argentina's Dark Age
After the death of Juan Peron, in 1974, his wife Isabel becomes president of Argentina. She has little political experience, and Argentina suffers of terrorist attacks and of three-digit inflation.
This year, with a military putsch Lieutenant General Jorge Rafael Videla puts Isabel Peron to house arrest takes the power in Argentina, and orders to put to silence the Argentine left.
Thousands of people are imprisoned and tortured, while death squads are used to kidnap and murder. About 20,000 people (the so-called ''desaparecidos'') will ''disappear'' forever.

The Soweto Uprising
In South Africa, the education of black people ha always been kept at a very low level. In 1975, Afrikaans, the language of white people, becomes the official teaching language.
This law follows other ones, all intended at increasing the cultural gap between white and black people, and to preserve segregation. Once for all, free public schools are only for whites.
On June 16, 10,000 schoolchildren of a black school raid pacifically through the town of Soweto. The police reacts killing a few people. In the further upraise, near 1,000 black people will die.

The First Artificial Gene
At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a team of scientists led by the Nobel price Har Gobind Khorana creates the first manmade gene.
The gene is composed by about 200 nucleotides. It cannot function in a living cell. Nonetheless, it represents a fundamental progress towards the creation of living matter.

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