A Record of Gaming Business
This year the revenues of gaming in Nevada exceed for the first time $1 billion.

Jewels at the Four Queens
Exact replicas of the Crown Jewels of England are put on display at the Four Queens hotel-casino.

New Hotel-Casinos in Las Vegas
This year sees the opening of the Continental Hotel, as well as of the Gold Spike hotel-casino.

A New Spain after Franco
At the age of 82, Generalissimo Francisco Franco dies on November 20. He has ruled Spain for 36 years, but in the last years his conditions have worsened, following the onset of a Parkinson's disease.
Two days after, Prince Juan Carlos, 37, is proclaimed King of Spain. Juan Carlos will rule the transition of Spain toward democracy. The changes will be slow, to minimize the risk of riots.
For this reason, the first protests are brutally repressed. However, in a few years most political prisoners will be liberated, and a multiparty parliament will be elected.

Civil War in Lebanon
In Lebanon, Christians are threatened by the arrival of many Palestinians from Jordan. Christians are mostly rich and live in the cities, while Muslims are poor and live in the countryside.
Since PLO uses bases in Lebanon for raids on Israel, Israeli army retaliates bombing some Lebanese village, and also many Maronite Christians are among the victims.
The right-wing Christians then decide to attack Muslims in Lebanon. The civil war officially starts in April, when some Maronite Christians massacre a group of Muslims on a bus.

The Nobel for Sakharov
This year the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the physicist Andrei Sakharov. Sakharov, the father of the Soviet H-bomb, was a brilliant nuclear physicist with a rapid career.
However, his career stopped in 1957, after he has signed a nuclear test ban. About ten years later he published a document titled ''Thoughts on Progress, pacific coexistence, and intellectual freedom?.''
His international fame has saved him from prosecution in Soviet Union, even though five years after winning the Nobel price he will be arrested, for his opinions on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

A Meeting in Space
On July 17, a Soviet Soyuz and an American Apollo meet in space. A specially designed connecting tunnel allows the hookup between the two spacecrafts, with different docking systems.
Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov and astronaut Thomas Stafford meet in the tunnel and shake their hands. The two crews will spend two days working together.
This mission represents an important step in the process of peace between United States and Soviet Union, even though many further steps still have to follow.

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