The California
On New Year's Eve, Sam and Bill Boyd open Downtown the California Hotel.
This is the first step of what in the year will become a powerful gaming corporation, the Boyd Gaming.

Siegfried and Roy Back to Las Vegas
The magicians Siegfried and Roy return to Las Vegas with the show ''Hallelujah Hollywood'', at the MGM Grand.
An African lion, Leo, is added in the show as a tribute to MGM symbol.

Death of Del Webb
Del E. Webb dies on July 4.
He started his activity in constructions, building many hotels, among which the legendary Flamingo, for ''Bugsy'' Siegel, and later on the Sahara.
Del Webb Corp. then entered in the gaming business, buying the Thunderbird Hotel, and the Lucky Club.

The Watergate scandal is going towards its end. President Richard Nixon, requested to deliver the tapes of his office conversations, refuses doing it. Instead, he orders to fire his special prosecutor, Archibald Cox.
His order will not be executed, and will become public, making scandal. Nixon is forced give all the tapes, even though he tries, as its last resource, to deny the existence of the two most compromising.
On August 8, he finally resigns, under threat of impeachment. Only thanks to his former vice president Gerald Ford, and now his successor at the White House, he will be spared a formal indictment.

Willy Brandt Resigns
West Germany Chancellor Willy Brandt decides to resign, after the scandal of Guenter Guillaume, a close personal aide of Brandt that has been discovered to be a spy working for East Germany.
Brandt is very famous and popular for his Ostpolitik, that has allowed establishing closer relations between West Germany and Soviet Union. He has also won the Nobel Peace Prize for this.
Although many of his supporters beg him not to resign, he confirms it, taking on himself the whole political responsibility for not having found before that Guillaume was a mole.

A New Look to Black Holes
British cosmologist Stephen Hawking shows that black holes can emit radiation. This result goes against the common belief that nothing can escape a black hole, not even light.
Hawking, affected by an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is obliged to stay in a wheelchair, and to use a computer to synthesize his speech. He has become famous also for some popular book on Cosmology.

The First Pocket Calculators
This year, the first pocket calculators appear on the market. They are based on the LSI (large-scale integrated) chip technology, by which all operations are performed by a single chip.
This technology allows the production of millions of multi-function hand-held calculators, and their prices will fall down very soon.

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