The World's Largest Resort
In December, the hotel-casino MGM Grand opens on the Las Vegas Strip. In the future (1985) this resort will be named Bally's Las Vegas.
With its 2,100 rooms, 26 stories, and an area of approximately 2 million square feet, it beats the record as the world's largest resort.
Dean Martin performs during the opening night.

Other New Hotel-Casinos
On July 2, Selby and Claudine Williams open the Holiday Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a riverboat-themed casino. In the future (1992) its name will change into Harrah's.
Other newly opened hotel-casinos are: Key Largo, and Paradise (further known as Treasury, and San Remo).

Liberace's Autobiography
Liberace, the singer and entertainer that has linked his life to Las Vegas, publishes his autobiography.

Yom Kippur War
On October 6, at noon, a combined attack of Egyptian and Syrian troops starts, while most Israelis are celebrating Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.
In the first days of war the invader army conquers several territories taken by Israel in 1967 with the Six Day War, among which the Golan Heights. However, Israel recovers soon and starts its counterattack.
On October 22, when the UN Security Council votes a resolution asking the cease-fire, has already recovered the lost territories. This will convince all parties of the uselessness of a war.

The Oil Crisis
In October, with the beginning of the Yom Kippur War, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decides to double the price of oil to $3 per barrel.
The price will reach $11.56 at the beginning of 1974. The oil shortage creates panic, mostly in America and Europe. In many countries, weekend driving is prohibited, and many flights are cancelled.
Beyond the mere economic damage, a consequence of this crisis is that the most industrialized countries will become aware that oil will not last forever, as a cheap energy source.

The Military Coup in Chile
The plan of Chilean President Salvador Alliende to nationalize businesses has found the opposition of important U.S. corporations, and CIA has been working hardly to destabilize his government.
On September 11, a violent military coup is lead by General Augusto Pinochet. The presidential palace in Santiago is bombed and President Aliende dies. Thousands of opponents are executed.
Pinochet imposes a strict censorship, and uses the practice of torture against his opponents. Thousands of political prisoners are conveyed to concentration camps, and many of them will ''disappear'' forever.

The Irish Vote
Northern Ireland votes a referendum to remain part of the United Kingdom. This result was expected, because of the 2-to-1 majority of Protestants, but is going to exacerbate the terrorism.
On March 8, two car bombs explode in the center of London, killing one person and injuring more than 200. The police finds two other bombs before they explode.
On March 20, Prime Minister Edward Heath proposes a political solution. A Northern Irish assembly is created, in which the Protestants share their power with the Catholic minority.

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