Ann-Margaret's Accident
In November, during her show, Las Vegas and television star Ann-Margaret Olsson fells from a twenty-two foot platform. Doctor are despairing to save her life.
She will survive, but will have her facial bones broken, and her face will be entirely reconstructed.

Circus Circus Opening
Circus Circus Hotel Casino Resort opens, along the Strip. It is in a 15-story building, for 400 rooms.
Circus Circus offers a novel kind of show: trapeze artists and other circus acrobats, performing their acts right above the gamblers.

Las Vegas Hilton
International Hotel is sold, and changes its name into ''Las Vegas Hilton''.

Royal Inn Casino
Michael Gaughan open the Royal Inn Casino, located in Convention Center Dr.

Famous Weddings
In October, actor George Hamilton marries Alana Collins at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Vietnam War Towards an End
In March, North Vietnamese troops, backed by Viet Congs, invade South Vietnam, were only 6,000 U.S. soldiers are left. America reacts with heavy bombing on North Viet Nam.
However, President Nixon wins an important diplomatic battle. He visits Soviet Union and China and establishes relations with the two main supporters of North Vietnam.
In consequence, this October the North Vietnam's negotiator accepts not to replace the regime of Thieu. The final peace treaty will arrive at the beginning of next year.

The beginning of Watergate
In June, a security guard of the Washington's Watergate hotel finds some people using eavesdrops to intercept confidential information, at the Democratic Party's headquarters.
Out of the seven people arrested, one is an ex-FBI agent, and one is an ex-CIA agent. They are found to be linked to the White House.
The whole framework will become soon clear. President Nixon has ordered to some of his men to spy his competitors to the next U.S. presidential elections.

Blood at the Olympic Games
On September 5, a commando of the PLO group Black September, composed by eight Palestinians enters in one of the apartments, of the Olympic Village, where Israeli athletes were living.
They kill two, and take nine hostages, asking for the liberation of 200 Palestinians from Israeli jails. After a long negotiation, they obtain to reach Cairo with their prisoners.
However, when the commando and prisoners are at Munich airport, the police opens fire. Five terrorists, together with all prisoners, are killed.

Olympic Games Stars
Munich 1972 Olympic Games will be not only remembered for the victims of a terrorist action, but also for the legendary performances of some participant.
U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz sets a record, winning seven gold medals (four individual and three relay). He also establishes a new world record for each of his seven victories.
Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut, 16-year old, wins three gold medals and one silver. She will be remembered also for her smile and grace.

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