Union Plaza
Downtown, the Union Hotel is renamed Union Plaza.
Jackie Gaughan is one of the businessmen that opens the Union Plaza, and in 1986 will become chairman of the board.

The First Female Card Dealers
Union Plaza, Downtown, and Silver Slipper, on the Strip, are the first casinos to hire female card dealers.

The Birth of Bangladesh
In April, the nationalist Awami Party declares the independence of East Pakistan from West Pakistan. The new country takes the name of Bangladesh.
East and West Pakistan, separated by about 1,500 km of Indian Territory, were populated by different populations, with the only link being the Islam religion.
West Pakistan dictator, Yahya Khan, has tried to stop the secession with a strong repression (more than one million people killed), but at the end he has to accept it.

The Devaluation of U.S. Dollar
In August, President Richard Nixon suspends payments in gold. This act destabilizes the U.S. Dollar compared to other currencies, and triggers realignments of all currencies among themselves.
This action, combined with a ten percent tax on all imported goods, makes American products more competitive than those of other countries, and signs the beginning of an economic war.
The main motivation of all this was to face the costs of Vietnam War. By the end of this year, the ten most industrialized nations will meet and find an agreement, based in a fixed devaluation of the dollar.

Destination Mars
This May, exploiting the time of highest proximity between Mars and the Earth, which occurs only once every 15 years, United States send one unmanned spacecraft towards the Red Planet, while Soviet Union sends two.
The U.S. Mariner 9 enters in orbit on November 14, while the U.R.S.S. Mars 2 follows on November 27. On December 2, a capsule detaches from Mars 3 and lands on the Martian surface.
This Soviet success comes a few months after a tragedy, in which three cosmonauts have lost their lives. Georgi Dobrovolsky, Viktor Patsayev and Vladislav Volko die for a cabin depressurization, at the end of their mission.

Marvels of Technology
The third generation of computers, the microcomputers (with the size of a TV set), is made possible by the introduction, this year, of the microprocessor, namely a single chip containing hundreds of thousands of electronic components.
In the medical world, a revolution in diagnostic is obtained with the introduction of computerized axial tomography (CAT), a novel method that uses X-rays to get detailed 3-D images of organs.

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