Elvis Again in Las Vegas
After the series of shows of last year, Elvis Presley is again in Las Vegas, for a season going on from January 26 until February 23.

The first World Series of Poker Tournament is held this year at the Binion's Horseshoe Casino, Downtown.

Las Vegas Hilton
The International Hotel changes its name into Las Vegas Hilton.

The Invasion of Cambodia
The government of Cambodia, led by Prince Norodom Sihanouk, was a valid support to the North Vietnamese troops. In March, it is overthrown by a military putsch, organized by General Lon Nol.
Lon Nol's soldiers kill thousands of Vietnamese civilians, but do not create any serious problem to Viet Cong. Lon Nol also tries to get the assistance of U.S.
President Nixon takes this an occasion to send further troops in the area and on April 30 U.S. and South Vietnamese troops enter in Cambodia, in spite of the protests of many American students.

President Alliende
In September, the Socialist Salvador Allende Gossens wins presidential elections in Chile, against the Nationalist and Christian Democrat candidates.
Alliende has declared that Chile is victim of neocolonialism. This has created panic among the richest class. The stock market suffers heavy losses, while copper miners go on strike.
Alliende proposes to nationalize industries and mining. This will generate the opposition of various lobbies, representing the interests of the wealthiest classes as well of some foreign countries.

No Pace for the Middle East
In the past years, Jordan was used by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as a base for attacks on Israel. King Hussein, fearing Israeli retaliation, tries negotiations with PLO chairman, Yasir Arafat.
However, Arafat cannot control the most radicals. After two attempts to his life, and the destruction of three passenger planes by PLO members, on September 16, King Hussein sends troops against PLO camps.
In Egypt, on September 28, President Gamal Abdal Nasser dies after a heart attack. Only two months before then, he had dedicated the Aswan High Dam.

The Ostpolitik of Willy Brandt
Willy Brandt, socialist chancellor of West Germany, signs a treaty with Soviet Union that normalizes the relations between the two nations. This is a first step towards the end of the Cold War.
West Germany accepts the present situation in Central Europe, like the border between East and West Germany and that of Poland, while Soviet Union recognizes the ''self-determination'' of Germany.
A similar pact will be signed for months after between Poland and Soviet Union. Next year, Brandt will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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