A Circus Tent in Las Vegas
On October 18, the Circus Circus hotel and casino opens.
It originates from an idea of Jay Sarno.

Wayne Newton's wedding
In June, at the Flamingo Hotel, Wayne Newton marries airline flight attendant Elaine Okamura. They met two years earlier, while Wayne Newton was in Vietnam to entertain the U.S. troops.
They will have one child, Erin, but their marriage will unfortunately end with a divorce.

Death of ''Al'' Cahlan
A. E. ''Al'' Cahlan has been the founder, together with his brother John, of the Review-Journal, and editor of this newspaper as well.
He became famous for his column ''From Where I Sit'', started in 1930 and continued for about 40 years.
''Al'' dies this year, after a stroke, at the age of 69.

Prague Spring
In January, Alexander Dubcek becomes secretary of the Czech Communist Party, and soon begins introducing a series of political and economic reforms, such as free press, and independent judges.
Dubcek's aim is ''socialism with a human face''. Encouraged by this new deal, a group of intellectuals issues in June a manifesto asking for a real democracy.
Brezhnev, Soviet Union President, decides that things have gone too far. In July he calls Dubcek to warn him, but with little effect. Then, on August 20, Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia.

Student revolts
In many nations worldwide young demonstrators, mostly students, organized under the flag of the ''New Left'', march against bourgeois governments.
In May, French President Charles De Gaulles orders the police to intervene, in Nanterre, against the striking students. However, the protest will reach Paris with all its violence.
In the United States, demonstrators in Chicago protest against the Vietnam War and the political class. The extreme ones are called ''Yippies'' (from ''Youth International Party'').

Tet Offensive in Vietnam
Taking advantage of the celebrations of Tet (the lunar New Year), Viet Congs manage to brings weapons in Saigon and other South Vietnam towns, and to carry out attacks there.
Americans, stunned by this offensive, and even more by the support given to Viet Congs by South Vietnam civilians, react very violently.
Cities like Hue (of historical importance) and Ben Tre are destroyed; while, in the village of My Lai, 500 civilians are massacred, among which women and children.

Two Assassinations That Will Change U.S. History
Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of the non-violent movement for the rights of the black people (for which he has obtained the Nobel Prize), ends his carrier and his life on April 4, in Memphis.
Two months later, on June 5, also Robert F. Kennedy is killed. He was JFK's brother, governor of New York, and strong democratic candidate to the 1968 presidential election.

Between Science and Science Fiction
Director Stanley Kubrik carries out his science fiction masterpiece, the film ''2001: A Space Odyssey''. Based on a story of Arthur C. Clarke, the film starts with the dawn of humankind.
Then it describes the journey of a spacecraft crew, decimated by a psychotic supercomputer, HAL. For the only survivor there will be a hallucinatory and mystic final.
Reality may surpass fantasy. Mysterious pulsed radio signals are detected. They have been first attributed to extraterrestrial life, but will result to come from a rapidly spinning neutron star.

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