The openings of Aladdin and Caesars Palace
On April 1, the Aladdin Hotel and Casino opens with 335 rooms. An impressive spot is represented by the big neon sign featuring the genie lamp.
This hotel has originally opened in 1963 with the name of Tally-Ho and, in 1965, it has changed its name into King's Crown Tally-Ho.
However, the biggest event on the Strip, this year, is the opening (August 5) of the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, with its 700 rooms.

News from Downtown
Ben Goffstein opens the Four Queens, named in this way from his four daughters.
The Horseshoe Hotel and Casino, open since 1950, changes slightly its name into ''Binion's Horseshoe''.

Howard Hughes at the Desert Inn
The night before Thanksgiving, the multi-millionaire Howard Hughes moves to a penthouse suite in the Desert Inn hotel and casino.
He loves Las Vegas, probably also for the healthy dry climate of this city, and he will stay in that penthouse for years.
When, in 1968, the management of Desert Inn will finally decide to force him out, he will respond directly buying the hotel.

Famous Weddings
In July, Frank Sinatra marries Mia Farrow at the Sands.
In August, singer Charo marries Xavier Cugat at Ceasars Palace.

Mao's Red Guards
With the support of university students, Mao Zedong leads an offensive against the enemies of the Chinese Communist Party, and the ''revisionist'' forces.
Mao's most radical supporters form the ''Red Guards''. Ten million guards will parade in Beijing near the end of this year. They will become known for their fanatic violence.
He is supported by the Gang of Four, the radical group led by his third wife, Jiang Qing. Also thanks to them, Mao can establish the cult of his personality.

Indira Gandhi becomes Mother India
Indira Gandhi, the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, becomes prime minister of India. During the 15 years of her premiership, she will gain the nickname of Mother India (Bharat Mata).

The flood of Florence
On November 4, after a period of heavy rain, the Arno river floods the center of Florence (Italy), killing a few dozens of people.
Moreover, a huge number of masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, as well as of other important historical documents, is destroyed or severely damaged by the flood.
Art experts throughout the world will go personally to Florence, to help recovering as much as possible. Unfortunately, many priceless masterpieces will be lost forever.

Soft Landing of Luna 9
On February 3, for the first time a spacecraft lands softly on the lunar surface. This success of the Soviet mission Luna 9 opens the way to manned moon missions.
Luna 9 probes the consistency of the lunar surface, showing that it is smooth enough to allow a safe landing, and at the same time hard enough to sustain a spacecraft.
Its photographic camera sends to Earth images of the surface. Jodrell Bank radio telescope intercepts the transmission, allowing scientists of Western countries to inspect these images.

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