Movie Stars Love to Marry in Las Vegas
Judy Garland and Mark Herron get married this year in the ''Little Church of the West'', located in the New Frontier hotel-casino.
Instead, the chapel in the Dunes hotel-casino is chosen by Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim, as well as by Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon.

The Mint
The 26-story Mint hotel-casino opens in Fremont Street, on the site of the Apache hotel.

Ali in Las Vegas
On November 22, Muhammad Ali (alias Cassius Clay) defeats Floyd Patterson at the Las Vegas Convention Center, for technical KO at the 12th round.
With this success, Ali retains the World Heavyweight Title.

U.S. Escalation in Vietnam
President Johnson decides for an American full-scale intervention in Vietnam. In March he orders massive bombardments in North Vietnam, and sends the first Marines in South Vietnam.
American forces will soon escalate, reaching 180,000 by the end of this year. The goal is to eliminate, in any way, as many Viet Cong as possible. This includes bombing and napalming villages suspected to help Viet Cong.
On the other hand, U.S. Marines have often to combat, in jungles and paddies, against an invisible enemy. This dirty way of conducting the war will exhaust the morale of U.S. soldiers, and will alienate the local inhabitants.

The Voting Rights Act
The Voting Rights Act, signed on August 6 this year, eliminates qualification tests, used in Southern States to deny the voting rights to illiterate people, which means to a big fraction of black people.
However, blacks are frustrated because, in spite of laws, progress towards their civil rights is too slow. In Alabama, the police make use violence to stop a march organized by Martin Luther King, Jr.
In Los Angeles, a rebellion of the neighborhood of Watts is repressed, and 34 people are killed. In February, Malcolm X is killed in Harlem for his critics to Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Black Muslims.

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones reach the success with the song ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction''. This song, in which sex is presented using a transgressive language, will represent the prototype of rock song.
They oppose their ''bad boys'' image to that, much softer, of the Beatles.
In fact, they have stories of drug addiction: guitarist Brian Jones dies falling in his pool, while intoxicated; guitarist Keith Richards will survive to a period of heroin addiction.

The Success of the Miniskirt
Both Andre' Courreges, in Paris, and Mary Quant in London introduce the idea of the ''miniskirt''. This fashion will become very popular with women.

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