An UFO over Las Vegas
An unidentified object has been seen, for weeks, flying in the skies of several states, and finally turning towards Nevada. On April 18, it will finally disappear over the Nellis Air Force Base.
Thousands of people have seen the object. Moreover, the nearby city of Eureka has experienced a total electric blackout. It has been suggested to be a spectacular meteorite.
However, after some time, it will become known that in that occasion the Air Defense Command has sent a few fighters against the object. The mystery about that object will remain.

Vatican Council II
Pope John XXIII summons 2,500 bishops from the entire world, to discuss the role of Catholic Church in a rapidly changing world. Vatican Council II begins in October this year and will last over 3 years.
Last year, with his encyclical ''Mater et Magistra'', John XXIII has spoken in favor of labor unions, of the welfare and of democracy. He has also shown his openings to Protestants and Jews.
Vatican Council II will come out with a series of important reforms, like the permission to perform worship services in languages different from Latin, and reconciliation between different faiths.

Death of a Star
On August 5, Marilyn Monroe is found dead at the age of 36, with an empty bottle of sedatives nearby.
The childhood of Norma Jean Baker (this was her true name) has been signed by stories of abuse. After some years spent as a pinup, she has studied at the Actors Studio, and in 1956 begins her carrier with the movie ''Bus Stop''.
In 1959, the movie ''Some Like It Hot'' will make her world famous. Although she was considered a sex symbol, she was obsessed by physical imperfections.

Cuban Crisis
On October 14, an American spy plane takes a picture of a ballistic missile on the ground of Cuba. It was known that Soviet Union was sending weapons to Cuba, but Khrushchev had always claimed they were non-nuclear.
After having studied various options, among which the invasion of Cuba (that would have triggered a nuclear war), President J.F. Kennedy orders a blockade of all ships from and to the island.
On October 22, Kennedy reveals to the nation that troops are ready to react. Khrushchev originally refuses to dismantle the weapons, but a week later, he accepts, against the American promise of never to invade Cuba.

Our World gets Smaller
AT&T launches Telstar, the first communication satellite to go to orbit. It looks like a 34 1/2-inch sphere. Its task is to receive, amplify, and retransmit television signals, but also telephone calls.

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