El Rancho on fire
On June 17, a sudden and violent fire destroys the wooden resort El Rancho Vegas. A huge amount of money is burned in the casino cage, but fortunately, nobody will die in the blazes.

Ocean's Eleven
Directed by Lewis Milestone, this is the best and most famous movie of the ''Rat Pack'', among which Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. The movie is about a planned simultaneous robbery of five Casinos.
Filmed mostly in Las Vegas, the movie offers spectacular views of the Sahara, Riviera, Desert Inn, Sands and Flamingo.
It is quite a busy time for the stars of the Rat Pack: they work at the movie during the day, while during the night they perform at the Sands hotel/casino.

JFK for President
In November, the 43-year old Democratic candidate John Fitzgerald Kennedy is elected president of the U.S., winning by only 118,000 votes over his competitor, the Republican Richard Nixon.
JFK is Catholic, of Irish origins, very wealthy, and with a beautiful wife, Jacqueline. Famous for having been a World War hero, he started his political career as senator of Massachusetts.
He introduces social reforms, and fights for a world's leadership of U.S., opening what he calls a ''New Frontier''. One of his primary goals is to fill the military gap between U.S. and Soviet Union.

The Pill
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves the first oral contraceptive, developed by the endocrinologist Gregory Goodwin Pincus. The Pill, as it will be called soon, is going to cause a revolution in women's sexual habits.
Since 1951, Dr. Pincus was testing progesterone, already known to suppress ovulation in animals. However, only by chance he discovered that this hormone, when combined with an estrogen, blocks very effectively conception.

The Laser at Work
The physicist Theodore Maiman builds the world's first operational laser. Stimulated by a powerful lamp, the chromium atoms in a ruby crystal emit a very intense and narrow beam of red light.
However, some year before Gordon Gould had put the theoretical basis for this invention, also coining the word ''laser'', as the acronym for ''light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.''
Maiman, Gould, as well as Townes and Schawlow (who also develop a laser device), all file applications with the U.S. Patent Office. Only twenty years later Gould will be recognized the patent for this invention.

The City Born to become a Capital
Founded in April this year, Brasilia has been built to be the new capital of Brazil. Strongly wanted by President Juscelino Kubitchek, it has been designed by architect Lucio Costa, a disciple of Le Corbusier.
The city has been given a shape reminiscent of an airplane, with government buildings as the fuselage and private apartments as the wings. It offers ample space for pedestrians, as well as wide highways for cars.
With the aim of moving the capital from Rio de Janeiro to the interior, Brasilia has been built in the middle of desert grassland. This utopist project will be destined to the unsuccess.

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