The Nevada Gaming Commission
The Nevada Gaming Commission is instituted by law, in order to control how the casinos operate the games.

Las Vegas Convention Center
The Las Vegas Convention Center opens. It will sign the begin of a new form of tourism to Las Vegas, that linked to the conventions.

The Folies Bergere
The French-style show ''The Folies Bergere'' is presented at the Tropicana.

A teenager entertainer
When Wayne Newton makes his debut at the Fremont, together with his brother Jerry, in a group called The Jets, he is still too young to be allowed to enter in the casino.

Fidel and ''Los Barbudos''
On New Day's Year Fidel Castro and his rebels, called ''los barbudos'' (the bearded ones), take Havana. Cuba's dictator, Fulgencio Batista, has escaped the day before, with most of the national treasury.
Fidel Castro's previous uprising, in 1953, failed and he had been jailed for two years. In 1956, after a period spent in Mexico, he came back to Cuba to organize its revolution, with the favor of most of Cubans.
While, under Batista, most of the country has been sold to the interests of Americans, Castro's motto is ''Cuba for Cubans''. He will promote a series of reforms, but he will also put Cuba in the orbit of Soviet Union.

Tibetan uprising
In March, nine years after Mao Zedong has occupied Tibet, an uprising explodes in the capital, Lhasa. It is triggered by rumors of plans to arrest the Dalai Lama, a god-king for Tibetans.
Following an ancient tradition, also the 14th Dalai Lama has been chosen by Buddhist monks among all babies of the kingdom. His family of origin was composed by poor farmers.
Dalai Lama is forced to the exile to India, while a ferocious repression from China will leave more than 1 million Tibetans killed, and more than 6000 monasteries destroyed.

The Zinjanthropus
British antropologists Louis and Mary Leakey reach the fame discovering, in Tanzania, the fossilized skull of a hominid, namely a race between apes and present-day humans.
Dated 1.75 million years thanks to the potassium-argon technique, he is christened ''Zinjanthropus boisei'', and dubbed ''Nutcracker Man'' for his oversized molars.
This discovery proves that the human race is much older than previously thought, as well as that it has originated in Africa (previous finding were favoring instead an Asiatic origin).

Some Like it Hot
Definitely one of the best comedies ever in the history of cinema, the movie ''Some Like it Hot'' is directed by Billy Wilder and played by stars like Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, not to mention Marilyn Monroe.
The story is about two jazz musicians that, having accidentally witnessed the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre, are searched to be killed. They disguise themselves as girls and enter in a all-female band.
Tony Curtis is after the band's singer (Marilyn Monroe), while a rich man falls in love of the girl, impersonated by Jack Lemmon. At the end, they will confess their trick, and their true sex.

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