Squire's death
Charles ''Pop'' Squires dies at the age of 93.
He has had a fundamental role in boosting the early growth of Las Vegas, providing it with electric power, a telephone network, a newspaper, and even contributing substantially to the draft of Las Vegas' Chart.

Stardust opening
On July 2, the Stardust Hotel and Casino is inaugurated.
With its 1,065 rooms, it is the world's largest resort. It also offers a 13,500 square foot lobby, a 16,500 square foot casino, and a 105 foot swimming pool.
It hosts the spectacular French-style show ''Lido de Paris'', staged by Donn Arden. It will continue until 1991.

Paul Newman's wedding
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward get married at the El Rancho wedding chapel.

The Great Leap Forward
Mao Zedong devises a program aimed at substantial development of China's economy, both in agriculture and industry. He calls this project the ''Great Leap Forward''.
This program follows a five-year economic plan that has reached the goal of developing the industry, but has also caused the migration of millions of peasants to the cities, with damage for the agriculture.
This year the crop will be much improved, but next year, also due to unfavorable weather, it will be a disaster. In the next years, millions of peasant will die of starvation.

The United Arab States
Following the politics of Nasser's Egypt, in the past few years Syria has get closer and closer to China and U.S.S.R. Now it decides to merge with Egypt, creating the United Arab Republic.
Soon after, Yemen will join them, forming the United Arab States confederation. Also Saudi Arabia and Lebanon are entering in Egypt's orbit.
The United States react sending troops in Lebanon. Disagreements between Egypt and other Arab countries will eventually rise, and in 1961 Syria will secede from the United Arab Republic.

The First Transatlantic Jet Service
On October 4, the British Overseas Airways Corporation inaugurates a passenger-jet service, connecting London and New York in slightly more than six hours, half the time of a conventional plane service.
Also the aircraft, a de Havilland Comet IV, is produced in UK. In these years, the American competitors present their jewels: the Douglas its DC-8, while the Boeing its 707.
At the end of October, PanAmerican Airways inaugurates its transatlantic jet service, using a Boeing 707.

The Black Pearl
At the Soccer World Cup final, an almost unknown, 17-year-old Brazilian player scores six goals that will become fundamental for his team to get its first World Cup.
This gifted player is Edson Aranted do Nascimento, called Pele' and nicknamed ''the Black Pearl''. He will soon become the most famous athlete in the world, and a national hero for Brazil.
In his carrier he will score over 1,000 goals and, in 1980, he will be named the ''Athlete of the Century''.

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