Tropicana opening
On April 4, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino opens. It is the most luxurious hotel on the Strip. It contains 300 rooms, and a large-size pool surrounded by a luxuriant tropical garden.

The first bare-breasted show
Major Auterburn Riddle brings to the Dunes ''Minsky's Follies'', the first bare-breasted show in Nevada.
Their debut is on January 10, with ''Minsky Goes to Paris'' revue. It will be a success of public.

Movies in Las Vegas
The sci-fi movie ''The Amazing Colossal Man'', produced this year, shows scenes of Las Vegas, including the Riviera, Royal Nevada, Silver Slipper, Sands, Pioneer's Vegas Vic sign and Hoover Dam.
Also the movie ''The Joker Is Wild'' has been played in Las Vegas this year, starring Frank Sinatra.

The conquest of Space
On October 4, the Soviet Union launches the world's first artificial satellite, called Sputnik I. One month later, it is followed but a bigger satellite, Sputnik II, containing a dog called Laika.
In December, the United States try to send their first satellite on a Vanguard rocket, but it will explode during the launch. Thanks to von Braun, the United States will get their first success with Explorer I.
To give further impulse to American astronautics, next year, President Eisenhower will establish the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, or NASA.

MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction
In August, the Soviet Union announces that has successfully testes the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). A few months later the United States present their own, the Atlas.
For the first time, United States and Soviet Union can technically hit each other with nuclear warheads. The consequences of one such attack would be devastating.
Starting from this year, both nations will multiply the number of their nuclear warheads, following the aberrant logic of the ''Mutual Assured Destruction'' (MAD) as the best way of dissuasion.

The Common Market
With the treaty of Rome, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany establish the European Economic Community (ECC), also known as the Common Market.
The Common Market follows the footprints of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), created, five years earlier, to promote European coal and steel industries.
The six ECC nations also sign the formation of the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM).

Fangio's record
Juan Manuel Fangio wins his fifth world driving championship, establishing a record that will resist more than 45 years. He will retire the following year, at the age of 47.
Fangio, whose father was an Italian immigrant in Argentina, worked as a mechanic during his childhood, and started to race when he still was very young. However, he had to stop for financial problems.
He could start again at the age of 38, only thanks to President Juan Peron who financed him and sent him to Europe to compete, in the name of Argentina, on the world's most famous tracks.

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