The opening of the Hacienda
In June, the Hacienda hotel and casino opens in the Southern part of the Strip, offering 356 rooms.

The opening of the Fremont Hotel and Casino
Sam Levinson opens the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Big changes in the Communist world
Nikita Khrushchev, in a four-hour speech at the 20th Communist Party in Moscow, attacks Stalin's symbol and politics, denouncing his intolerance. This speech gives the start to the de-Stalinization process in U.S.S.R.
Khrushchev shows a more tolerant approach both in the inner front, releasing millions of political prisoners from the gulag, and with other Communist nations, like the Yugoslavia of Marshal Tito.
Poland and Hungary interpret this opening as the end of Russian dominance, but Moscow promptly sends troops against the rebels. On November 4, 2,500 Soviet tanks take control of Budapest.

The Suez Channel to Egypt
Western countries do not accept the decision of the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdal Nasser to get closer to Soviet Union and China, and retaliate by reneging on loans needed to build the Aswan High Dam.
Nasser replies announcing the nationalization of the Suez Canal, in order to pay the Dam works with its revenues, and Britain and France react planning, together with Israel, a military attack of Egypt.
On October 29, Egypt is invaded. Nevertheless, Nasser makes this military defeat to turn into a political success. In fact, the United Nations denounce the invasion and assign the Suez Canal to Egypt.

Princess Grace
On April 18, the movie star Grace Kelly gets married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, in what will be called ''the wedding of the century''. 30 million people will watch the ceremony at the television.
They first met in 1955, while she was in Monaco for a photographic service on Rainier's palace. Soon later, the Prince proposed, and Grace had just the time to finish her last movie, ''High Society''.
Grace Kelly started her carrier as a model, advertising Ipana toothpaste, and then became famous performing in several movies. She also got the 1954 Best Actress Oscar Price, with ''The Country Girl''.

BB, the new sex symbol
At the age of 22, Brigitte Bardot reaches the fame with the movie ''And God Created Woman'', directed by her husband, Roger Vadim. This movie will become a blockbuster in Britain and in the United States.
In the film, BB is a young woman that, married to a dull man, has an affair with his brother. The erotic and nude scenes of BB in this movie make scandal, then contributing to its success.
BB will show to have a turbulent character not only on the scene. She will really have an affair with her costar, Jean-Louis Trintignan, and will soon divorce from Vadim.

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