Birth of Las Vegas Sun
On May 3, the International Typographical Union opens a newspaper called the Las Vegas Free Press, mainly composed by workers recently fires by the Review-Journal.
However this newspaper runs into financial problems, and is finally sold to Hank Greenspun.
On July 1, Greenspun changes the newspaper name into ''Las Vegas Sun'', and begins publishing it on a daily basis. The Sun will soon become the main competitor of the Review-Journal.

Death of Walter Bracken
Walter Bracken dies on July 13, this year. Born in 1870 in Ohio, he was in Las Vegas from its origin, and contributed to its growth.
He has been an agent of the railroad company; he was present at the land auction signing the birth of this city; he got a lot, and became the first postmaster in town.
He then became an agent of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, and directed the works to provide Las Vegas with water.

The Nellis Air Force Base
The Las Vegas Army Air Field is renamed Nellis Air Force Base, in honor of Lt. William Harrell Nellis.
Lt. Nellis was a fighter pilot born in Las Vegas who, after more than 100 missions, has been killed in action over Luxembourg in 1944.

Turbulence in the Far East
On June 25, the Army of the Communist North Korea crosses the 38th parallel and invades the Republic of South Korea. This war will soon involve powers like United States and China.
In the meanwhile, in Vietnam, the Communist government of Ho Chi Minh gets help from China and USSR, while Americans financially support the regime of Bao Dai.
Both Korea and Vietnam will represent local conflicts, in the frame of a worldwide Cold War, between United States and the Communist Countries.

McCarthy and the Inner Front
In this Cold War atmosphere, America finds itself extremely sensible to the idea that Communists can infiltrate in the social texture, and even more in the institutions.
On February 9, Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy claims (without actually showing any proof) to have a list of 205 Communists who are in the State Department.
Then thousands of people will be accused of association with Communists and of Un-American Activities. Some will be jailed, and some will end into a suicide.

Dianetics: religion or hoax?
Science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard publishes the book ''Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health'', in which he presents a program to cure frustrations.
Mixing psychology and theology, he also founds the Church of Scientology, which in the following year will gather a huge number of disciples, maybe millions.
Disciples must pay a lot of money, so that this organization turns out to be a big business. However, some of its members will be jailed for fraud and extortion.

Charlie Brown and Co.
On October 2, the first strips of cartoonist Charles Schulz appear on some newspapers, under the name of ''Peanuts''. They will soon become very popular.
A group of children is featuring these strips: Charlie Brown, an insecure boy and a typical loser; Linus, a boy with a philosophical attitude; the arrogant Lucy, and many others.
However, the best character is likely Snoopy, Charlie Brown's beagle.

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