Howard Hughes close to death
Howard Hughes, a millionaire who in the next years will own a number of casinos in Las Vegas, almost dies in a plane crash.
Experienced pilot, he is testing his experimental plane XF-11 when the plane crashes. He gets many fractures and deep burns, and the doctors say he will not survive.
He will leave the hospital nine months later.

Bugsy Siegel opens the Flamingo
Benjamin Siegel buys from Billy Wilkerson a new luxurious hotel casino on Route 91.
Siegel names this casino ''The Flamingo'' in honor of his girlfriend, the dancer Virginia Hill, whose long legs and red hair remembered him that bird.
Due to the elegance of the Flamingo, reminiscent of the clubs in the Los Angeles Sunset Strip, the police captain Guy McAfee will call this route ''The Strip''.

The first United Nations General Assembly
On January 10, the delegates of 51 nations meet in London for the first United Nations General Assembly.
After the failure of the League of Nations, and after the experience of the Second World War, the UN is aimed at preserving the international peace.
The UN accepts the invitation of the USA to put his headquarters in New York. John D. Rockefeller Jr. will donate an area in Manhattan where to build the headquarters.

The verdicts of the Nuremberg Trials
On September 30, the trials led in Nuremberg to 24 Nazi leaders reach their verdicts: 12 are sentenced to death, 3 to life imprisonment, and 4 to shorter prison terms.
The main accusations are crimes against humanity; crimes against peace; war crimes; criminal conspiracy.
Especially for the first one, namely genocide, some documents presented at the trials have proved facts whose brutality is beyond human imagination.

Italy votes the Republic
Although King Vittorio Emanuele III has already abdicated in favor of his son, Umberto II, Italians are asked to choose between monarchy and republic.
Although Pope Pius XII asks the Italians to ''choose Christianity over materialism'' (namely to vote for the monarchy), 54 percent vote for the republic.
Umberto II contests the validity of the results, but at the end he is obliged to leave Italy and to exile in Portugal.

At the University of Pennsylvania, scientists build the first all-purpose digital computer. ENIAC is for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer.
This 30-ton computer contains 18,000 vacuum tubes, and performs 5,000 mathematical operations per second. It is used by the U.S. Army to calculate ballistic equations.

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