Big stars in Las Vegas
Sophie Tucker is the first big star playing in Las Vegas. She signs a two-week contract with the Last Frontier.
In the same year, El Rancho offers a show of Harry Richman. In addition, Sammy Davis, Jr. begins playing at the El Rancho, in The Will Mastin Trio.

The D-Day
On June 6, a gigantic operation of invasion of Normandy, named Operation Overlord, has its beginning. Thousands of Allied ships cross the English Channel, and reach at dawn the French coast.
Allied troops disembark from landing crafts, to conquer five beaches, with codenames Gold, Juno, Omaha, Utah and Sword. The battle at Omaha Beach is particularly bloody, and that day 3,000 Americans will die there.
At the end of the day, 155,000 soldiers are ashore, and the liberation of North Europe starts. The term D-Day, originally used for the first day of any military operation, will remain forever linked to this one.

The begin of the Nazi fall
On the Russian front, the Nazi troops suffer various defeats. After the victory in Leningrad, Russians rescue city after city. In May, Hitler orders a general withdrawal from Russia.
In July, some Nazi officers try to kill the Fuehrer with a bomb, but he remains only slightly wounded. The reaction of the Fuehrer is furious: 5,200 people will be executed, among which the families of the plotters.
With the help of Resistance fighters, the Allied troops progress on the French territory. On August 19, Paris revolts against the German troops. Hitler orders to burn Paris, but the local commander decides to spare the city.

The origin of United Nations
In the summer and autumn, representatives of the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and China meet at Dumbarton Oaks, near Washington D.C., to discuss how to substitute the League of Nations with another organization.
To effectively maintain the international order and prevent future world wars, the new organization must avoid the mistake of the League, namely to give authority just to the Four Powers.
Although the Four Powers remain, as permanent members, in an executive council, all nations may be represented in a general assembly.

A new powerful antibiotic
In these years penicillin has been extensively used, and has saved a huge number of lives, but has also shown its limits. It is not effective against some dangerous diseases, like tuberculosis.
In January, microbiologist Selman Walksman announces the discovery of a new antibiotic substance, and names it streptomycin, since it is derived by bacteria called Streptomyces griseus.
This drug is extremely effective against tuberculosis, especially if combined with other antibiotic substances.

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