Nellis Air Force Base
Operations at the Nellis Air Force Base start near the end of this year, to prepare pilots to be sent to the Second World War. It will also host a gunnery school.

The 91 Club
Guy McAfee, former Los Angeles police captain, buys the Pair O' Dice nightclub from Frank Detra, a friend of Al Capone, and changes its name into 91 Club.

Death of Pete Buol
Pete Buol dies in Los Angeles, after a stroke that hit him two years before.
Present at the 1905 Las Vegas auction, he soon realized the importance of water for a development of the town. By November 1905, he was manager of the Vegas Artesian Water Syndicate.
In June 1911, he has been elected the first mayor of the city. About 1929, Buol has been seriously injured in a mine cave-in at Pioche.

The end of Czech Republic
After the subdivision, last year, of Czechoslovakia into three regions (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia), only Czech Republic has survived.
The policy of Czech President Emil Hacha was to keep peace with Germany, but in spite of it, on March 14, Hitler announces that, if Czech Republic will not surrender, Prague will be bombed. President Hacha gives up.
This success will convince the Italian Duce, Benito Mussolini, that Hitler cannot be stopped. Mussolini then accepts to sign an alliance with Germany, known as the Pact of Steel.

Hitler's troops invade Poland
In March, Hitler offers to protect Poland from a Russian invasion, and asks in exchange the return of Danzig to Germany. Poland accepts instead the help of Britain. Furious, the Fuehrer signs a pact with Russia for the partition of Poland.
On August 31, Hitler orders the invasion of Poland. On September 3, France a Britain declare war to Germany, beginning the World War II. However, Polish defense will fall in a few days, against the German bombers and panzers.
As agreed, Soviet troops march from the east, meeting the Nazi troops in Brest-Litovsk on September 18. Only Warsaw will resist another 10 days, thanks to heroic soldiers and civilians fighting the Nazi troops street by street.

The neutrality of United States
After World War I, United States decided a policy of strict neutrality towards European affairs. Among others, there was a prohibition to sell arms to nations at war.
However, after the new facts, more and more Americans begin to favor at least a support to the Allies. In November, Congress passes the Neutrality Act, which allows France and Britain to buy arms from United States.
President Roosevelt is firmly convinced this is the best policy to avoid United States being directly involved in the War.

The most famous, and infamous, pesticide
The Swiss chemist Paul Mueller announces the effectiveness of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (better known as DDT) for killing various species of insects.
In the next years, it will be massively used in agriculture, but also to disinfect rooms and clothes, until it will be discovered to be dangerous also for other animals, among which humans.
In the meanwhile, DDT will pollute the whole World, and it will be very long and difficult to get rid of it.

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