A Second Artesian Well
After the construction of the Boulder Dam a further expansion of Las Vegas is expected. In order to supply more water to the city, a second and more efficient artesian well is sunk.

The End of the First State Bank
Ed Clark, president and owner of the First State Bank, sells it to the First National Bank of Nevada.
The First State Bank was the second bank founded in Las Vegas, and was virtually born together with the city.

A Difficult Rescue
In December Lee Prettyman is stranded in the snow, together with four other people, while he is trying to reach by car one of his mines.
After a terrible march, Lee Prettyman succeeds giving the alarm. A rescue team is soon organized, but the operations are very hard, due to the snowstorm.
The other people of Prettyman's party are reached only after one week, and they are found in pretty bad conditions.

The tragedy of Guernica
Since the Spanish civil war is lasting more than expected, in April Hitler decides to order the famous Condor Legion to bomb Guernica.
In this city, one of the most important of the Basque Provinces, about 70 percent of the house are destroyed by the attack, and more than 1,000 civilians are killed.
To denounce the atrocity of this criminal attack, Pablo Picasso paints his masterpiece ''Guernica'', for the Spanish Pavillon of the World's Fair in Paris.

The Second Sino-Japanese War
With the pretext of a Japanese soldier abducted by Chinese and with the goal of invading China, in July the Japanese Army attacks in the Beijing region.
From Beijing, then it moves toward Nanjing, seat of Chiang Kai-shek government. The war becomes bloody, and the resistance of Shanghai costed about 250,000 lives of Chinese people.
Afterwards, the invaders start a period of horrible crimes, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, raping women, burning houses.

The disaster of the Hindenburg
Hindenburg, the luxurious German airship built last year, and that has already crossed the Atlantic many times, explodes on May 6.
While docking in the Lakehurst base, New Jersey, the hydrogen gas with which the Hindenburg was filled suddenly ignites, and 36 of the passengers die.
The reporter Herb Morrison, of the WLS radio station in Chicago, will have the chance to describe minute after minute the details of the disaster.

The theory behind digital computers
Alan Turing, a graduate student in Cambridge, publishes the theoretical basis for digital computing.
This work was aimed at solving the problem, raised by David Hilbert, whether all mathematical problems can be solved by a definite set of procedures.
For this, Turing devises a machine able to read, write and delete 0 and 1 numbers on an endless tape. By combinations of these operations, this machine can solve even complicate problems.

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