The Name of the Dam
On September 17, at the Silver Spike Ceremony, Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur, Sr. announces that the dam to be built in the Boulder Canyon will be named for President Herbert Hoover.

The Beginning of a Long Sitting
On January Albert Edmunds ''Al'' Cahlan starts writing, for his Review-Journal, a column titled ''From Where I Sit'' that will continue with success for about 40 years.

The First Radio Station
The first radio station in Las Vegas, named KGIX and owned by J.M. Heaton, starts broadcasting services devoted to the town's foundation and to its early days.
This enterprise will result in a flop, and will have to close.

Rise of the Nazi Party
At the elections of this year the Nazi party becomes the second largest party in Germany, getting 107 out of 557 seats at the parliament (only two years before they got just 12 seats).
Possible reasons for this fast change in the opinion of German electors may have been a widespread discontent after the Great Depression, and a fear of Communism.
The Nazi leader (Fuehrer) Adolf Hitler successfully speaks to the national pride of German people.

MIT Develops the First Modern Computer
The brain of this machine, named ''differential analyzer'', is composed by hundreds of steel rods moved electrically, and simulating complicate mathematical operations.
Devised by a team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by the electrical engineer Vannevar Bush, this is the first machine able to solve complicates sets of differential equations.
In order to set this computer to solve a new problem, a long work of a team of ''programmers'', using wrench and screwdriver, is required.

The Invention of the Cyclotron
The study of the atomic nucleus requires the production of particles fast enough to penetrate the electronic shield and the nucleus itself.
The physicist Ernest Lawrence invents a tool that accelerates particles to a fraction of the speed of light, then giving a tremendous boost to subatomic physics.
In the Cyclotron charged particles follow a spiral path, accelerated by alternating magnetic fields.

The Introduction of the Scotch Tape
The Minnesota Mining and Manifacturing Company (3M) introduces a transparent cellulose tape, adhesive on one side.
Its success will be almost immediate, also because it represents a fast and cheap way of repairing broken stuff, and this is what most people wants to do, at the time of the Great Depression.
The brand name ''Scotch'', given to this cellulose tape, refers to the reputed thriftiness of Scottish people.

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