A Demographic Boom in Las Vegas
Soon after the Congress signed the Boulder Canyon Project Act, people begin to come to Las Vegas wanting to take advantage of the business possibilities that the future dam would provide.

The Origin of the Review-Journal
On March 29, James G. Scrugham establishes the ''Las Vegas Journal.'' Just a few months later, the newspaper is bought by the ''Las Vegas Review,'' which was owned by rival businessmen Frank Garside and the Cahlan brothers.
After the fusion, the newspaper changes its name to ''Evening Review-Journal'' and is published daily under the editorship of Albert Edmunds ''Al'' Cahlan.
The "Review-Journal" enters stiff competition with the ''Las Vegas Age,'' run by C.P. ''Pop'' Squires, to become the most important (daily) newspaper in Las Vegas.

A New Nevada State Flag
Nevada gets its third official state flag, bearing the words ''Battle Born.'' These words commemorate Nevada becoming a state during the Civil War.
The flag also contains two sprays of sagebrush, the official state flower, and a silver star to remind everyone of Nevada's how precious metal possessions.

Black Thursday
After years of prosperity, on Thursday, October 24, New York investors start a chain reaction that in a few days bring a worldwide crash of the Stock Market.
The panic pushes everybody to sell, prices of stocks begin to tumble, many banks are forced to close, and a number of financiers even commit suicide.
In the following years, a Great Depression wrecks havoc not only on the American economy, but also causes millions of people worldwide to lose their jobs.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Al Capone, Chicago's top gang leader, finds a way to ''solve'' the problem caused by a competing North Side gang lead by fellow-gangster George Moran.
On February 14, in a false police car, four of Capone's men, dressed as policemen, break into George Moran's garage, which serves as the North Side Gang's headquarters, and kill six men.
Moran publicly will accuse Al Capone. Even the president, Herbert Clark Hoover, will give an order to put Al Capone into jail, ''in one way or the other.''

The First Time Oscars
The first film acknowledgements are simply called ''Awards of Merit'' and are appointed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The name ''Oscar'' will appear only after a few years of ''Awards of Merit,'' when an Academy member looks at the statuette and exclaims ''it looks like my Uncle Oscar!''

The Expansion of the Universe
The astronomer Edwin Hubble discovers that external galaxies recede from our Milky Way with velocities proportional to their distances (a relation better known as ''Hubble's Law'').
Hubble's discovery indicates that the Universe is expanding and sets the framework for theories on the origin and evolution of the Universe , later known as the ''Big Bang Theory.''

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