The Boulder Canyon Project Act
On December 21 the Congress passes the Boulder Canyon Project Act, signed by President Calvin Coolidge.
This Act appropriates $ 165 million for the construction of the world's largest arch-gravity dam, at Black Canyon in the Boulder Canyon area.

Implementing Air Services
The first air service between Reno and Las Vegas is provided by Nevada Airlines.
Thanks to its strategic location, Las Vegas is chosen as a refueling stop by an increasing number of airlines.

The Las Vegas' Movie Theater
William Pike and Ernie Cragin open ''El Portal'', which will become the most important movie theater of the city.

Nations Sign For a Future Without Wars
The U.S. secretary of state Frank B. Kellogg carries on successfully an original idea of the French foreign minister Aristide Briand.
On August 27, 15 nations sign in Paris an agreement that ban wars, as instruments of national policy.
Thanks to this agreement, in next year Kellogg will receive the Nobel price... but he will not succeed in stopping wars forever!

The Discovery of Penicillin
Alexander Fleming, a British bacteriologist, discovers, partly by chance and partly for his ability, a substance that will save innumerable lifes: the ''penicillin''.
In a staphylococcus culture he finds that a spore of mold coming by chance with the air has destroyed all bacteria around it. He has the merit to notice this fact, and to study it further.
That mold is scientifically known as ''Penicillium notatum''. Fleming identifies the active substance, and calls it ''penicillin''.

The Discovery of Vitamin C
In England Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a biochemist of Hungarian origin, succeeds isolating Vitamin C (chemically named ascorbic acid).
This factor was already postulated by Casimir Funk more than 15 years ago, to explain the scurvy disease as the effect of an alimentary deficiency.

A Mouse That Will Become a Movie Star
First presented at the New York' Colony Theater, the film ''Steamboat Willie'' signs the success of Mickey Mouse.
Walt Disney's creature already appeared in two silent movies, but with little success.
But now, adding sound effects and music, this cartoon finally gets the preference of public.

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