Death of Helen Stewart
Helen J. Stewart, ''The First Lady of Las Vegas'', dies of cancer on March 6, at the age of 72.
After his husband, Archie Stewart, was killed in 1884, she had to manage the Las Vegas Ranch, and to grow five children, all by herself.
She will be also remember by the Indian Paiutes, because in 1911 she provided the land where their reservation has been established.

The last time of Sam Gay
At the age of 66, Sam Gay is re-elected for the last time sheriff fo the Clark County. After this time he will not run for sheriff anymore.

Changes for the ''Clark County Review''
Frank Garside purchases the ''Clark County Review''. This newspaper will soon have Albert Edmunds ''Al'' Cahlan as editor.

The first regular air service
On April 17 Western Air Express (that later on will become Western Airlines) begins a regular service between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.
This is mainly an air mail service, but also some passengers are transported (41 altogether, during its first year of operation).
The location of the original airfield will be used, in the future, for the Sahara and Hilton hotels and casinos.

Year One of Fascist Era
This year, after surviving four attempts of assassination, Mussolini decides to take absolute power in Italy, and declares 1926 as Year One of the Fascist Revolution.
He replaces local governments, and even the Parliament, with people he chooses, mostly among members of Fascist organizations.
He establishes special ''revolutionary tribunals'' and a special police. And capital punishment is also instituted.

No More Colonies, but Dominions
In the Imperial Conference in London, the level of autonomy of dominions towards England is redesigned. They become free members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
Lands like Irelands, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland gain complete autonomy for their domestic affairs, while supporting the mother land in foreign affairs.

Houdini: Death of a Magician
Magician Harry Houdini, of Hungarian origin, receives at his stomach a series of blows that will damage severely his appendix: he will die after a few days.
A surprising death for a man who spent his life to surprise the world. Houdini became famous especially for his death-defying escapes.
He was incredibly able in escaping from shackles, or from a straitjacket, in the most incredible conditions, like suspended in the air or even from below water.

The Advent of Winnie-the-Pooh
Officially born on Christmas Eve 1925, the teddy bear is the main character of the book ''Winnie-the-Pooh'', of the novelist A.A. Milne, appeared this year.
In the book Winnie is surrounded by other characters, Piglet, Tigger, Kanga, Eeyore, and Roo, that will also be loved by children.

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