Death of William Andrews Clark
Former Senator William Andrews Clark, the man who saw the strategic importance of Las Vegas and who had enough money to control the birth of the Las Vegas town, dies on March 2, in his gorgeous house in New York City, at the age of 86.
Maybe he will be remembered as the ''Copper King'', or for having bought the Legislature, or for having owned the ''San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake'' Railways and having decided the auction that signed the birth of Las Vegas.
For sure his name will be remembered for a very long, since he gaves the name to the Clark County, created in 1909.

A new face for Fremont Street
Part of Fremont Street, namely from Main Street to Fifth Street, is paved. This is just the first step of a series of improvements that will make Fremont Street to be called ''Glitter Gulch''.

The Beginning of Palhevi Dynasty
Reza Khan, originally an officer, seizes power in Iran, overturning the previous Qajar Dinasty. He founds the Pahlevi Dynasty and gets the title of Shah.
He will make Iran closer to Western countries, by taking away veil to women, and introducing more European dress for both sexes. Under his reign Iran will also improve technologically.
But he will have to face a strong hostility from the Islamic clergymen.

The Debut of Josephine Baker
The 19-year old black American dancer Josephine Baker makes her debut in Paris with the revue ''La Revue Negre'', where she makes scandal dancing seminude.
After a few months she will move to the Folies Bergere, where she will become famous for dancing covered only by a skirt of bananas, getting the nickname of the ''Black Venus''.

The Best Film Ever Made
This will be the judgement of Charlie Chaplin of the film ''Battleship Potemkin'' by Sergei Eisenstein, presented this year. This movie has been commissioned by the Soviet Government to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the failed 1905 revolution.
The film takes cue from the mutiny of the battleship Potemkin, and it will become famous for the ''Odessa Steps'' sequence, where the Army is made to march against people, shooting at them.

Heisenberg's Quantum Theory
Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, presents a formal theory of Quantum Physics based on matrix representations, that only later on will be shown to be equivalent to the wave representation.
He will become famous for his ''Indetermination Principle'', according to which position and velocity of a particle cannot be determined with arbitrary accuracy at the same time.

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