Towards the construction of the dam
The Colorado River Commission, chaired by the Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, and composed by members of seven states in the area, meets for the first time in Santa Fe'.
Nevada State is represented by James Scrugham, Ed W. Clark, and Charles P. Squires.
In the same year Hoover goes to inspect the proposed construction site for the dam.

Birth of Jay Sarno
Jay Sarno, the man who will create theme-based hotel-casinos like Caesars Palace and Circus Circus, is born this year.

The March on Rome
The fascist leader Benito Mussolini decides to get the power in Italy. On October 28 about 40,000 Blackshirts march on Rome. This putsch finds little resistance, also because part of the army is in favour of Fascism.
Although King Vittorio Emanuele III is requested to sign a decree of martial law, he does not get the courage to do it and assigns instead to Mussolini the Government of Italy, signing in this way the advent of the Fascist era.

The Birth of Modern Turkey
Mustafa Kemal, a Turkish commander famous for having defeated the British twice during the World War I, succeeds in getting the independence of Turkey, against the plots of making it a British or American protectorate.
Kemal will become a national hero, and will later be known as Ataturk.

A Contemporary Odyssey
The Irish writer James Joyce publishes in Paris the first edition of his ''Ulysses''. The whole book describes a single day of Leopold Bloom's life.
In the future years James Joyce's ''Ulysses'' will be accepted to be one of the masterpieces of the English-language literature, but the first reaction of the cultural world is generally negative.
Joyce not only presents an unconventional use of the language, but also touches scabrous themes. So many critics judge his work as ''obscene''.

Diabetics get insuline
The Canadian physician Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles H. Best find a way to extract insulin, a hormone produced by the ''islets of Langerhans'' in the pancreas.
This hormone controls the glucose metabolization, and will represent a unique tool to prolong the life of diabetics, and to improve their quality of life as well.
For this discovery Banting will be awarded a 1923 Nobel Prize, together with Macleod. Banting will strongly oppose the decision of awarding also Macleod. Instead he will insist to share his prize with Best.

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