People's trust on Sam Gay
In spite of having being fired by the Nevada Supreme Court, people still trust in Sam Gay, and he is re-elected as sheriff.

The advent of neon lighting
In France American soldiers see for the first time neon lighting, and bring this technology back to US. In the following years this kind of illumination will be tightly linked to the glamorous image of Las Vegas.

Towards a dam on the Colorado River
Arthur Davis, Director of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, proposes to build a dam at Boulder Canyon, that will represent an inexhaustible source of electric power.

Opening to the four-wheel traffic
$ 75,000 in bonds are sold to improve the routes connecting Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. This decision will result in making easier the car traffic through and to Las Vegas, then boosting also the importance of this city as a resort area.

The epilogue of World War I
World War I ends on November 11. Actually the first part of the year sees a series of German offensives along the Western Front (towards France) trying to win before the complete deployment of the American troops.
But in the meanwhile nations allied of Germans are defeated on various fronts, and at the end, on November 11, even Germans are forced to sign an armistice, at Compiegne.

The end of the Czar dynasty
On July 16 the Czar Nicholas II is executed, together with his family and some servants. The Soviet government has decided for the execution, in order to prevent the White Army to rescue the sovereign.
Tales will follow that Anastasia, one of the Czar daughters, had escaped the slaughter. In the following decades various women will assert to be Anastasia, but none of them could prove it beyond doubt.

An invisible enemy
A deadly flu virus spreads over the whole world, and in this year and the next one kills more than 20 million people. The disease is called ''Spanish flu'', because of the high virulence by which it has hit Spain.

At the outskirts of the Galaxy
The American astronomer Harlow Shapley, measuring at the Mount Wilson Observatory the distances of many globular clusters (compact stellar clusters, satellites of our Galaxy), proves that the Sun is far from the center of our Galaxy.
After Copernicus discovery that the Earth is not at the center of the Solar System, this finding has shown even further how inconspicuous the position of our World in the Universe is.

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