Opening to the motorcar traffic
Las Vegas spends $ 10,000 to build a road to Jean, Nevada, representing the first portion of the future Los Angeles Highway.

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand
On June 28, while crossing the city of Sarajevo in an open car, the Austrian Hereditary Archduke Franz Ferdinand is killed together with his wife.
The assassin is a Bosnian student, but the Austrian investigators soon discover a link with a terrorist group, and that the Serbian Government knew of their plans, but did not do anything to hinder them.
The Austrian Empire then issues an ultimatum to Serbia, and soon after, on July 28, declares war on this state.

How a World War begins
The war between Austria and Serbia soon expands dramatically, to become War World I. France, Britain and Russia enter in war to support Serbia; while Germany and Turkey are siding with Austria.
Germany attempts a rapid invasion of France, by passing through the neutral Belgium. The German troups are stopped along the Marne River, near Paris. The war soon becomes a trench war.
The conflict soon extends till the Far East, then becoming a World War. In a few months about 17 million soldiers will enter in the war.

The opening of Panama Canal
The Panama Canal, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is completed.
This gigantic work, 51 miles in length, will permit to connect by sea the two coasts of United States, and to reach far more easily the Asian markets.
It will then trigger a truly commercial revolution.

The first Mother's Day
President Wilson decides that the second Sunday in May will be used to celebrate Mother's Day.
This act follows a six-year campaign, led by Anna May Jarvis, aimed at obtaining a national holiday to recognize the activity of all mothers.

Gandhi is back to India
Mohandas K. Gandhi leaves South Africa where, after having studied law in London, he spent about twenty years of his life fighting against racism and injustice.
For his activity he has been jailed several times, but at the end he succeeds obtaining in 1914 a law protecting the Indian minority in South Africa.
In the next years he will use his experience to lead India towards independence.

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