Chamber of Commerce gets chartered
Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is chartered, with James Givens serving as president.

The first theatre in Las Vegas
Edward W. Griffith opens the Majestic theater to present the best in motion pictures and vaudeville acts.

Only part of the cottages are built
Out of the 120 cottages that three years ago the railroad decided to build for the workmen, only 64 have been eventually built.
Click here to see the large picture Las Vegas, with the cottages in the background.
Courtesy of UNLV Special Collections

The tragedy of Titanic
On April 14 the Titanic, one of the the biggest and most luxurious ever built, crashes against an iceberg and, after a three-hour agony, sinks in the Atlantic: 1,513 people die in the tragedy.
The ship was at the fifth day of its maiden voyage from Southampton (England) to New York. In spite of the risk of collision with an iceberg, a maximum speed was kept to beat the speed record on the crossing of the Atlantic.
The ship, considered unsinkable, had lifeboats for half its passengers: this, added to fatal errors in the evacuation, makes so that only one fourth of the occupants will survive.

Turks are driven away from Balkans
The Balkan countries join together into the Balkan League, and in October attack the Ottoman Empire, now weaker than ever, in Macedonia.
In spite of having a number of soldiers three times larger than the opponents, the Turks lose the war in just one month.

The success of ''The Montessori Method''
The Italian psychiatrist Maria Montessori publishes her book, ''The Montessori Method'', where she describes the success of her approach where, unlike the traditional school, the individual initiative of children is encouraged.
The book becomes an international bestseller, and in the same year Maria Montessori opens a school also in New York.

The hoax of the ''Missing Link''
The British amateur geologist Charles Dawson announces the discovery, in England, of pieces of an human skull with an apelike jaw.
This is taken as the proof of Charles Darwin's conjecture of the existence of a missing link between apes and humans.
But about 40 year later, using the crbon-14 test, this will be proved to be just a hoax: the bones, from a woman and a orangutan, are no more than 600-year old.

The discovery of vitamins
Casimir Funk, a Polish biochemist, writes a paper postulating that some diseases are caused by dietary deficiencies. It was already known that scurvy, among sailors, could be prevented by eating regularly limes.
Funk discovers that also diseases like beriberi and pellagra originate by a deficiency of some vital substances, that he calls ''vitamins''. He identifies four of them (that later will be called vitamins B1, B12, C and D).

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