Las Vegas incorporation
Las Vegas is the first city in Nevada to incorporate, on March 16th, following the example of Galveston, Texas. It will be governed and a board of four commissioners.
First Las Vegas seal, adopted on March 16
Courtesy of the City of Las Vegas

Pete Buol for mayor
Peter Buol is elected first mayor of Las Vegas. Born in Chicago and son of a Swiss immigrant, has the merit of having provided Las Vegas with water, by drilling artesian wells.

President Taft passes through Las Vegas
William Howard Taft, the first Presisent to pass through Las Vegas, waves to the Las Vegans from his railroad car.

Striking results in Physics
Ernest Rutherford probes the inner structure of atoms by shooting a stream of alpha particles against a thin gold foil: he finds that in an atom most of the space is empty and that most of the mass is concentrated in a tiny, electrically charged nucleus.
Compared with this achievement, discoveries like that of superconductivity (Heike Kamerlingh Onnes) and that of the cloud chamber (the first path detector for charged atomic particles; Charles Thomson Rees Wilson) may even look of secondary importance.

Admunsen reaches the South Pole
The expedition led by the Norvegian Roald Admunsen, after a 1,869-mile long journey, reaches first the South Pole. The expedition is in competition with that of the British Robert Falcon Scott, who will arrive 36 days later, and will die on the way back.

The discovery of Macchu Picchu
Hiram Bingham, professor of Latin American History at Yale University, discovers this fabulous and mysterious city. The city is very well preserved, and represents an astonishing proof of the level reached by the ancient Inca civilization.

China becomes a Republic
The revolution against the corrupt Qing Dynasty begins on Oct. 10th in the city of Wuhan, and rapidly spreads through the Empire. Neither the promise of reforms nor the thread of using the army against the rebels, allow the Imperial Dynasty to survive.

The first U.S. female pilot
Harriet Quimby is the first American woman to become a pilot (after the French Baroness Raymonde de la Roche). Her greatest success will be, the next year, the crossing of the England Channel. Unfortunately she will die soon later in an accident.

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