Gambling Becomes Out of Law
Starting from October 1, all forms of gambling are declared illegal in Nevada. However, even if out of law, gambling will continue after this date.

A First Step towards the Boulder Dam
Henry C. Schmidt presents an application to the States of Nevada and Arizona, as well as Federal Department of the Interior, asking to build a dam and a power plant on the Colorado River, at the Boulder canyon.

The Railways Depot
Here is an image, taken in 1910, of the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Depot, built by the Las Vegas Land and Water Co.
Click here to see the large picture The railways depot
Courtesy of UNLV Special Collections

The ''Overland Hotel'' On Fire
A big fire destroys the ''Overland Hotel''. This event shows clearly the need for a professional fire department.

Sam Gay for Sheriff
Sam Gay wins the election for sheriff in Las Vegas defeating the former sheriff, Charles Corkhill. Born on March 1, 1860, Gay will become one of the most popular sheriffs of Las Vegas.
Tall and big, he does not need any weapon but his fists to get respect in the town.

A Severe Risk for the Las Vegas Economy
On January 1, a flood damages nearly one hundred miles of track, north of Las Vegas. The town economy, based primarily on the railroad, suffers a hard hit until June, when the traffic is resumed.

Halley's Comet
On May 18th the tail of Halley's Comet passes very close to the Earth. Many people are fearing a catastrophe, but in fact this event is absolutely innocuous (except for those who panic so hard to kill themselves).
After having passed by, the ''Old Faithful'' will take another 75 years before coming back.

Korea annexed to Japan
Japan finally includes Korea in its territories. In the past years Japan has been increasing its power in that region, and in 1905 it had already obliged Korea to become a Japanese protectorate.

Russell and Whitehead publish the Principia
Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead publish the ''Principia Mathematica'', a book that, linking mathematics to logic, opens the way to modern mathematics.

Birth of the Union of South Africa
After the end of the Boer War, four colonies of the British Empire decide to join together into a Federation. The new prime minister is Louis Botha.

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